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Delivering the largest audience of its kind in the UK, we reach and engage with 22 million technology buyers, influencers and consumers each month*.

Our audiences

Tech savvy opinion leaders, our audiences are the most influential in the sector. With nearly 50 years' experience of engaging and captivating tech audiences, we have become experts in understanding their specific information and purchase needs. It's this insight that has enabled us to develop market-leading brands and to identify and deliver the most engaged audiences in the technology space.

With a monthly reach of 22 million technology professionals and consumers, our audience reach extends to every type of technology buyer and influencer in the UK. From strategic decision-makers at Board-level to infrastructure managers in enterprises, the business owner to the creative professional in small-to-medium sized businesses, the tech influencer or the tech enthusiast, IDG UK reaches them all.

*Omniture/Google Analytics data. Represents combined monthly unique user figures for all IDG UK properties.
Our unprecedented access to technology audiences means we can reach and target every type of technology buyer in the UK – from the strategic IT decision-maker in large enterprises through to the tech enthusiast

The IDG UK audience spans all technology sectors

Below are just a few of the key target groups we cover:

  • IT, business and finance executives at C-suite
  • Strategic IT decision-makers
  • IT management and IT decision-makers
  • Infrastructure managers
  • Line-of-business managers
  • SMB business owners
  • IT decision-makers
  • Line-of-business managers
  • PC/Mac professionals
  • Creative professionals
Tech enthusiasts
  • Tech influencer
  • Early adopter
  • Entertainment junkie
  • Gamers

The IDG UK audience are key influencers in their sectors

New Media Influencers

Consumers reach out to this segment when seeking purchase and devise usage recommendations

Enthusiastic Adopters

Most excited about new technology and new media, and tends to own more devices than other market segments

Needs-based buyers

Purchase technology devices with fewer features/functionality and are focused on purchasing what their family needs.

Social Media Leaders

This social media connected segment 'leads the charge' in terms of technology adoption and usage in the workplace

Enthusiastic Adopters

This segment is excited about new technology and is most likely to rely on advice of peers before purchasing.

Media Traditionalists

Similar to Social Media Leaders in outlook but preferring more traditional sources and experiences.

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Our Brands

Our brands dominate the tech media landscape making us the primary reference source for all things tech in the UK.

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Our Solutions

We are media innovators in the tech advertising, lead generation, social media, content creation, ad network and programmatic buying arena.

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About IDG UK

We are the UK's leading technology media company with the largest tech media and marketing services portfolio in the country.

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