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idg solutions

Our marketing solutions

IDG UK's portfolio of marketing solutions and services has transformed the way marketers reach, engage, and converse with tech audiences:

  • Our innovative multi-platform, full services approach to media solutions means we are uniquely able to deliver on any client requirement or objective. From brand awareness, targeted conversations, community creation through to customer retention, IDG UK has developed market-leading capabilities in every area.
  • With unprecedented access to UK technology buyers and the most extensive first-party audience data in the sector we can offer clients the most advanced precision targeting techniques available today.
  • Combining the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions and channels in the market means we have become experts at identifying and delivering the most successful tech solutions and channels that fit.

The result: IDG UK has become a master of the media mix, delivering a 'one-stop' approach to tech media solutions that can uniquely and seamlessly integrate all elements of a campaign to produce optimal campaign results.

At IDG UK, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver. How we achieve this is through the development of the most advanced, integrated and best performing programmes in the marketplace. It's this pioneering approach to media solutions that has made IDG the preferred choice for tech marketers in the UK and has given us the No 1 market share in tech advertising.

Just a few of the many industry-firsts that have made IDG UK a media innovator can be viewed opposite.

Our industry solutions

IDG UK brands dominate the tech media landscape enabling marketers to reach every type of tech audience across every content format. As media innovators we have also gone beyond traditional publishing borders to reach and engage with the tech audiences we serve:


SMS creates, builds and delivers innovative and integrated media solutions on behalf of technology clients. Industry services include social media, video-based solutions, mobile programmes, white label content creation and community development.

IDG Amplify

Under the IDG Amplify brand, unique award-winning social media programmes create and develop dialogue and engagement on behalf of clients across tech communities and social networks.

IDG Content Works

ContentWorks combines our expertise in editorial with the cutting edge of digital marketing to create powerful content on behalf of clients across every format that educates, motivates and inspires technology audiences.

Audience Services

Delivering the next generation in audience targeting, IDG Audience Services - our specialist ad network, programmatic and data-driven group - can provide a complete tech audience targeting solution to meet your exact campaign requirements. 

Lead Services

IDG TechNetwork delivers a fully transparent and publisher-vetoed network solution that offers brand-safe third party targeting of technology audiences on scale.

IDG Amplify

Our Technology Audience Platform (TAP) is a full-service Publisher Trading Desk capable of delivering precision targeting of technology audiences through programmatic buying and RTB on an unprecedented scale.

idg uk
Our Brands

Our brands dominate the tech media landscape making us the primary reference source for all things tech in the UK.

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idg uk
Our Audience

With a reach of 22 million technology professionals and consumers each month, we engage with every type of technology buyer and influencer in the UK.

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idg uk
About IDG UK

We are the UK's leading technology media company with the largest tech media and marketing services portfolio in the country.

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