The IDG TechNetwork Nanosite brings the full capabilities of a rich media website directly to your target audience. Created at any size, though most often a large 300×600 tower, the Nanosite eliminates the old world model of driving traffic to microsites by turning the audience into the destination. By delivering content directly to users, brands can be sure their message is reaching the right audience at the right time and in the right place. In addition, all behavior and engagement is tracked and reported.

Within multiple content tabs, Nanosites can host white papers and research, social and RSS feeds, video, social sharing, product carousels, image galleries, and more. In addition, Nanosites have an optional Lightbox feature—a larger overlay that highlights even more content without leaving the originating web page.

With IDG TechNetwork audience reach and scale, the Nanosite is an all-inclusive, high impact, high engagement solution for any brand and marketing campaign.

Demo Page


10 inch iPad Photoshop Ad Dimensions:

1746 pixel wide x 2330 pixel high
Resolution: 300ppi
Color Mode: RGB
File Format: JPG

10 inch Android Photoshop Ad Dimensions:

1617 pixel wide x 2575 pixel high
Resolution: 300ppi
Color Mode: RGB
File Format: JPG

Standard Plus

We offer audio and video in our Enhanced Digital and Zinio Editions. Please ask your Sales Director for production charges.
Video Feature >>

High Quality Video

Codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280×720
Sequence: 30 fps

File Format: .mp4
Bitrate: 2mps (We recommend to lower this.)

Audio Settings

Codec: AAC-LC
Bitrate: 128kbps
File Format: .mp4


Impression reporting will be provided by DFP/DFA and interaction/click reporting will be provided by Flite. Reporting is sent on a bi-weekly basis.