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Recent Media Reports

  • 01/12/2014: Smartphone market grows by 27 per cent during festive season
    Business Today
  • 01/12/2014: Taking on the smartphone challenge
    China Daily
  • 30/11/2014: The iPad Is Dying? Long Live The iPhab!
  • 30/11/2014: International survey reveals majority of people don’t feel safe when shopping online
    Government Security News
  • 26/11/2014: India the Fastest Growing Asia Pacific Smartphone Market in Q3: IDC
  • 25/11/2014: PC Short-Term Outlook Improves, but Caution Lingers
    The Wall Street Journal
  • 25/11/2014: Apple iPad Slowdown Hobbles Tablet Computer Growth
    Investor's Business Daily
  • 25/11/2014: iPad Slump Signals ‘Massive Deceleration’ in Tablet Shipments
    PC Magazine
  • 24/11/2014: HP’s Weisler to Navigate PC Business as Slowdown Looms
  • 24/11/2014: Vidible Enters Fight Against Fraud
  • 24/11/2014: Xiaomi Delays Overseas Push Amid Talks With Foxconn on Output
  • 22/11/2014: Cloud Computing Adoption Continues Accelerating In The Enterprise
  • 21/11/2014: Chromebooks beat iPads as top education device
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • 20/11/2014: What Tech Marketers Want From Their Media Partners – And Why
  • 20/11/2014: BlackBerry Gets Ready for Internet of Things With BES12 and Project Ion
    The Motley Fool
  • 19/11/2014: The Mac’s Second Act: From Obscurity to Ubiquity
  • 17/11/2014: New Zealand technology journalism: the twilight years
  • 13/11/2014: BlackBerry signs up Samsung, others, in new mobile services push
  • 13/11/2014: Nvidia jumps into the cloud with Grid gaming service
  • 11/11/2014: New low-cost Windows tablets take on Android juggernaut
    South China Morning Post