1-2-1 with Christina Mercer, IDG UK’s Audience Development Editor

Christina Mercer, Audience Development Editor, IDG UK


Hi Christina, introduce yourself.

I’ve worked at IDG UK for about two and a half years on our enterprise sites, including Techworld, Computerworld UK and CIO UK.

My role as Audience Development Editor means that I am responsible for analysing visitor data, keywords and researching general tech trends to create and update articles that drive audience development. I also help create content for our careers pages, aiming to drive people to our jobs boards.


How long have you worked for IDG?

I joined IDG in October 2015 as Assistant Online Editor and after about six months I dropped the Assistant part.

I was always interested in what drives people to click on certain articles and how we could maximise search behaviours to get as many eyes on our stories as possible.

So after seeing the success of Marie Black (Group Managing Editor) on the B2C sites, I started to get to grips with our analytics tools to create similar traffic driving strategies on the B2B titles, optimising SEO and search traffic trends where possible.

From there I was appointed as Audience Development Editor, a role which had previously not existed. This was great for me as it straddled both traffic conscious content and writing for our existing loyal user base, which I loved.


What does your job role entail?

As Audience Development Editor, I try and do just that. Bring in new users and create a schedule of content designed to engage with lots of readers. This includes updating existing content such as product lists and tips stories, as well as writing stories with affiliate potential, for which I work closely with Ashleigh Macro (Engagement Editor) on the B2C team.


Who is on your team?

I work as part of a fantastic team in the London-based IDG UK offices including CIO UK Editor Edward Qualtrough, Techworld Editor Charlotte Jee, Computerworld UK Editor Scott Carey and Group Production Editor Tamlin Magee, as well as online editors Thomas Macaulay, Hannah Williams and Laurie Clarke.


What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms and making sure I know what people are searching for and want to read is always a challenge, no matter how good the data tools are. Sometimes something you thought would do well, only does okay, so making sure we are completely on-point SEO-wise is an on-going challenge.


What is the best thing about your job?

My role is very results driven, which may seem daunting, however, when the articles I’ve scheduled are performing well it’s an excellent feeling. I really love getting to know exactly how our readers are and how we can give them the best information possible.



For more information please contact editor@idg.co.uk