A Secure eCommerce Transaction Option Not Likely in One in Five Large Companies, New IDC Survey Data Reveals

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., November 30, 1999 — Investment in secure transactions is the hallmark of a true ecommerce solution, according to a recently published study by International Data Corporation (IDC). This study, which discusses the survey results from IDC's most recent Technology Integration Panel Study, reveals one in five large companies (1,000+ employees) is likely not to have a secure transaction option available, while the ratio is one in three for small companies (10-99 employees).

"Information technology is again changing the business landscape, offering the potential for better products and services delivered to corporations, governments, and consumers alike through the engineering of esolutions," said Carey Azzara, program director, Corporate Computing: Vertical Views research at IDC. "However, realizing this potential is not easy and certainly not without pitfalls for the vendors trying to bring the world into this new paradigm."

Key findings from this research indicate that large companies, while not always the innovators of new products, are most often the purchasers of innovation. IDC cautions not all evaluations of ecommerce solutions result in implementation. Large increases in both the size and complexity of an ecommerce solution are on the rise according to the latest survey results. A large percent of survey respondents (40.3%) report they paid a premium for better ecommerce solution performance.

Microsoft has the highest degree of mindshare, although its hold on the market is not complete, the IDC study found. Netscape, IBM, and Oracle also maintain high levels of mindshare with 25% of companies reporting these vendors were seriously considered as ecommerce solution providers.

This study, eCommerce Solutions: Customer Directions and Segmentation by Company Size and Industry (IDC #B20734), explores the market segments currently deploying ecommerce solutions and the how the potential pipeline for future business is shaping up. Solutions are profiled along several dimensions, such as size, complexity, and database functional requirements. The report includes a series of tables that show the percent distributions, mean or median scores for scaled variables, and the unweighted "N" values.

IDC interviews technology and business professionals on information and communication technology (ICT) topics each quarter. The survey results are part of the IDC Technology Integration Panel Study, one of the services in IDC's Corporate Computing Vertical Views Group. The current study samples 974 U.S. and Canadian companies that are stratified by size and industry and weighted to reflect the U.S./Canadian ICT marketplace. The study was conducted during July 1999.

The report is available for purchase by contacting Cheryl Toffel at (508) 935-4389 or at ctoffel@idc.com. For additional information on IDC's Technology Integration Panel Study research, please contact Lisa Bloom or Beth Freedman at (508) 872-8200 or lbloom@idc.com or bfreedman@idc.com.

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