AGENDA 2001 Opens to Industry Leaders

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – OCTOBER 17, 2000 – AGENDA 2001, IDG’s annual conference uniting the technology industry’s most influential executives, opened today to an exclusive audience composed of 61 percent CEOs, Chairmen and/or Presidents of their companies. Also in attendance were 88 members of the financial investment community, 30 industry-leading press, CTOs and government policy makers. The conference began with a study of the influencers in today’s technology marketplace: the media, the PR professionals, and the companies managing today’s and tomorrow’s computing platforms.


"The theme of AGENDA this year is ‘The Juice:’ who has the influence and how are they using it to affect change in the industry? The AGENDA 2001 program invites attendees to connect, learn and plan with fellow participants, so that they develop their knowledge and insider perspective to make intelligent business decisions," said Executive Producer Bob Metcalfe. "Attendees come to AGENDA to share and advance their vision of the future."

The conference’s opening speaker, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, discussed the coming "Napsterization" of copyright and brand intensive industries including television, movies, books, and print media. Mossberg referred to the "digital tidal wave" brought on by the rise and growth of the Internet that has diluted the influence of long-established media brands, cautioning that big media companies can survive only if they are willing to change their business models to capitalize on wide distribution of content.

In a poll on the topic of the media and PR, Metcalfe uncovered the following beliefs held by this year’s AGENDA 2001 attendees:

· 49% — the media is responsible for "hype" in the technology industry.

· 71% — the media is an active participant in shaping public opinions.

· 41% — PR agencies are logistics managers for corporate PR activities.

In order to consider the technology industry’s agenda for 2001, the AGENDA 2001 attendees discussed computing platforms, asking questions such as: ‘does platform matter’ and ‘what will the Internet look like in 2001.’ Leaders of Compaq, Red Hat and Sun Microsystems presented their visions of the future importance of Wintel, Linux and UNIX, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of open-source technologies.

Metcalfe’s poll of attendees established the following:

· 48% — the Internet will be the most important OS in 5 years.

· 81% — platform choice matters.

"The goal of AGENDA is to create an environment that promotes forward thinking discussion and planning for the technology elite," said Lia Lorenzano, president of IDG Executive Forums. "Today’s energetic dialogue proves that AGENDA 2001 will, once again, lead to a comprehensive agenda for the coming year."

Sponsor Set

Sponsors of AGENDA 2001 are Alexander Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Battery Ventures, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc., Cambridge Technology Partners, Citigate Cunningham, Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group, Incendio International, InfoWorld Media Group, KPMG LLP, Merrill Lynch Technology Group and Wayport Inc.

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