Australian Flatbed Scanner Market is Looking Flat, Finds IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – APRIL 7, 2003 – The flatbed scanner market in Australia remained stable at 182,377 units for the second half of 2002, which saw only a 2.2% decline from the first half of the year.


The total scanner market recorded year-on-year growth of 3.6% from 356,004 units in 2001 to 368,952 units in 2002. Amid this growth there was a decline in the low-end consumer space of 19% year-on-year with 170,082 units in 2001 and 142,698 units in 2002.

IDC analyst, Katina Goussetis, states that, Although the spotlight has moved recently onto the hype of multi-function peripherals (MFP's), it is quiet evident with the minimal decline on scanner shipments in the second-half of 2002, that there is still a strong demand for these products.

The flatbed scanner market in Australia will however still feel the force of the increased uptake in digital cameras and MFP's. Obviously in due time these factors are expected to lead to a decreasing consumer market for scanners and a focus from vendors on the mid to high-end market space.

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