Bio-IT World Announces 2006 Life Sciences Conference + Expo; Premier Event to Showcase Critical Technologies Impacting Drug Discovery Pipeline

BOSTON, MA – NOVEMBER 7, 2005 – Bio-IT World, Inc. the leading publisher of information to meet the needs of the bio-IT community, announced today that it will hold the fifth consecutive Life Sciences Conference + Expo 2006, formerly known as Bio-IT World Conference + Expo, at the Sheraton Hotel Boston, April 3 through 5, 2006.

Life Sciences Conference + Expo 2006 is the premier event for life science and information technology professionals in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations. It presents the latest technology developments and research breakthroughs on the complete spectrum of topics – from drug discovery to market delivery.

"This is the only technology event that effectively covers how pharma and biotech companies use and procure technology to enhance target identification, improve drug discovery, expedite clinical trials and speed time to market," said editor-in-chief Kevin Davies, Ph.D. "Attendees will benefit from a world-class three-day conference program, keynotes, awards presentations and educational workshops. The show floor will feature a full array of products and services from life science equipment to information technologies."

Life Sciences Conference + Expo is produced by Bio-IT World in partnership with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MBC), focusing on the indispensable technologies throughout the drug development lifecycle: discovery, development, and clinical trials.

Life Sciences Conference + Expo features four primary conference tracks, complemented by six instructional workshops, in which bioscience executives, IT professionals and scientists will learn how to utilize technology and informatics to more effectively create, store and analyze data. The result: accelerating the R&D process and speeding time to market.

The major conference tracks are:

IT/Informatics Solutions for Drug Discovery:

This track will feature several multi-speaker sessions exploring the critical ways that organizations are deploying information technology and informatics solutions to further drug discovery. Topics to be covered include: The Semantic Web; Systems Biology and Simulation; Discovery Informatics; IT Infrastructure; Computational Drug Design; Pipelines and Workflow Environment; Text Mining; and Life Sciences Blogs and the Web.

E-Clinical Research and Trials:

This track explores the impact of technology on the costly and time-consuming process of gathering and analyzing data in (and after) clinical trials. Central themes include: Paper vs EDC; e-Patient Diaries; Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Events; Trial Registries; and Regulatory Compliance and the FDA.

Genomic Medicine and Technology:

The post-genome era is being shaped by dramatic advances in new technology, particularly in the areas of DNA sequencing, protein analysis and microarray gene profiling. Among the topics: The $100,000 Genome; Microarrays and Molecular Profiling; Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine; Proteomics and Metabonomics; Functional Genomics and Pathways; Emerging Technologies; and Mining the Genome.

The 2006 IDG/Ernst & Young Venture Summit:

The annual track provides a must-attend analysis of the key trends shaping biotech and life sciences, with expert analysis and discussion from leading venture capitalists, CEOs, and industry analysts.


Several instructional workshops will be held during the course of the meeting. Topics include: Internet-Based Clinical Trials: Working Together for the Common Good, Emerging Standards for the Semantic Web, Legal Issues for Life Sciences Companies: Staying Out of Court…and Winning If You Don't, and Text Mining and its Applications in the Life Sciences.

The 2006 Benjamin Franklin Award

In conjunction with, Life Sciences Conference + Expo is once again the proud host of the annual Benjamin Franklin Award, a humanitarian award presented for outstanding achievements in open-source bioinformatics. The announcement and presentation of the 2006 winner will be followed by a keynote address.

Life Sciences Conference programs are presented by internationally recognized scientists and IT leaders from biopharma, biotech, academia, and all life science discovery segments. Among the confirmed speakers are:

— Samuel Aaronson (Partners)

— Dimitris Agrafiotis (J&J)

— Alex Bangs (Entelos)

— Paul Bleicher (Phase Forward)

— Stephen Calvert (GlaxoSmithKline)

— Derek Debe (Sertanty-Eidogen)

— Eric Gerritsen (BioPeer)

— Ken Getz (Tufts)

— Nick Giannasi (GE Healthcare)

— David Goldstein (Duke University)

— Bryan Koontz (Tripos)

— Becky Kush (CDISC)

— Paul Lammers (Serono)

— Martin Leach (Curagen)

— Kris Lichter (IBM)

— Scott Lundstrom (Life Science Insights)

— Michael McManus (Fujitsu)

— Jill Mesirov (Broad Institute)

— George Morris (Novartis)

— Manuel Peitsch (Novartis)

— John Reynders (Eli Lilly)

— Allen Roses (GlaxoSmithKline)

— Jonathan Rothberg (454)

— Don Rule (Microsoft)

— Dietrich Stephan (TGen)

— Susie Stephens (Oracle)