Bringing New Standards to Alliance Management – IDC Launches the Software Alliance Executive Panel

FRAMINGHAM, MA – March 13, 2002 – IDC today announced a new dimension in Partnering Excellence – the formation of IDC's Software Alliance Executive Panel — a nine-member virtual-gathering of some of the high-tech industry's top alliance executives, established with a mission "to work together to share and develop industry best practices and provide thought-leadership in the area of strategic alliances". The panel is composed of senior alliance professionals in the software industry who have made significant contributions to their organization's bottom-line success through winning alliance strategies.


IDC research indicates that leading technology companies each invest, on average, $5 million in their most strategic alliance partners; many invest significantly more. This investment is forecasted to continue to increase significantly and permeate across multiple lines of business. IDC believes that getting alliances right is a critical competitive advantage as companies work to strengthen and build out their partner ecosystems.

Nicole Gallant, senior analyst, Global Software Partnering and Alliances and the Alliance Executive Panel Moderator, explains, "Today's top alliance executives are breaking new ground, building innovative alliances that incorporate greater levels of business and technical accountability. In the process, they are creating new infrastructure standards that are quickly becoming the 'mark of excellence' in the technology industry. These professionals recognize such measures are critical for alliances to deliver the promised return on investment and avoid any unintended increase in risk that often results when relationships go sour, said Gallant."

IDC has created a variety of research projects where the panel members and IDC analysts will work together to highlight key issues of strategic importance to alliance professionals in the high-tech industry. Over the course of the year, IDC's Software Alliance Executive Panel will tackle a number of key issues, such as:

What to do when strategic alliances go awry?

Examining the leading 'best practices' and emerging trends in strategic alliances management and measurement.

Determining the value of a partner ecosystem and the role it plays in assessing a company's overall value.

What is a Partner Charter and why is it needed?

Through this initiative IDC and the most senior alliance executives in the industry will share the resulting thought-leadership, emerging professional standards, and trends in order to make strategic alliances work better throughout the industry.

Members of the panel were selected by invitation only and in recognition of the individual's leadership, expertise and overall commitment to the alliance profession. These executives are responsible for executing worldwide alliance strategies and are held accountable for driving incremental revenue through and with alliance partners. IDC's Software Alliance Executive Panel Members for 2002 are from the following companies:


Sun Microsystems



BEA Systems, Inc.

Computer Associates

Cisco Systems

Microsoft Corporation


The combination of IDC's world renown analyst capability and the expertise from the industry's top alliance professionals ensures this initiative goes well beyond analysis; providing a heightened level of professionalism to alliance management and ultimately serving as a catalyst for change within the industry.

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