CA based IDG Recruitment Solutions becomes MA based IT Careers

Formerly known as IDG Recruitment Solutions and based in San Mateo, CA. since 1999, the IDG division now shares office space with Computerworld at its 500 Old Connecticut Path office in Framingham, MA. The change is due to a re-organization of IDGRS into a smaller, more efficient sales group, renamed IT Careers.

IT Careers is a de-centralized sales group dedicated to selling recruitment advertising into the three U.S. weekly enterprise management group (EMG) publications: Computerworld, InfoWorld, and Network World.

Since the November 2002 transformation, IT Careers has re-evaluated their product offerings and external partnerships. These partnerships enable the IDG division to be more competitive with many other general careers sites. IT Careers has also spent some time identifying hot topics of interest to their readers and customer base. One area that was explored was Education & Training. With so many IT professionals retooling their skills, they have added a quarterly section dedicated to E-learning.

On March 1, 2003, IT Careers launched their new website, It's the exclusive career channel for millions of IT professionals who use the IT Careers network of Computerworld, InfoWorld, and Network World every week. The updated site will be useful for employers to focus and direct their recruitment message, and for job seekers to find up to the minute editorials and career related features. The jobs database is powered by the Wall Street Journal's,

The reconstruction of IDG's IT Recruitment division will bring many positive changes for IDG, the EMG publications, and for IT Careers customer base.