CIO KnowPulse(SM) Poll Takes Executives’ Pulse on E-commerce, Internet Privacy & Security, and the Y2K Bug

PHOENIX, March 29 /PRNewswire/ — IDG 's CIO Communications, Inc. will release the results of a new CIO KnowPulse(SM) (know for knowledge) poll on Wednesday, March 31st. The poll, deployed today at a CIO Perspectives conference in Phoenix, AZ, asks 600+ chief information officers (CIOs), CEOs, vice presidents of technology and other business executives for their opinions on key technology issues facing the world today. The poll focuses on three key areas: electronic commerce, Internet privacy & security and the Year 2000.

The Internet is dramatically changing the status quo for both businesses and consumers. While half of American households now make purchases over the Internet (as reported in the New York Times), questions about consumer privacy and cyber crime are being raised. Today's KnowPulse(SM) poll asks CIOs and CEOs, individuals who play a key role in electronic commerce initiatives for their own companies, for their opinion on Internet commerce, privacy and security:

— Who should regulate e-commerce?

— Does your company have a customer privacy policy that explains to

customers what information is being collected from them and how it will

be used?

— Does you company censor incoming email or spam being sent to employees?

— How confident are you that your company's security infrastructure can

withstand a multi-million-dollar hack?

Less than one year away, the Year 2000 is a massive computer technology problem posing a potential threat to businesses and consumers alike. The CIOs and CEOs taking this poll are key players who have already spent millions of dollars to address and fix this problem in businesses worldwide. The personal and professional actions they have taken, or plan to take, in preparation for the Year 2000, indicate the seriousness of this issue, as well as suggest measures citizens may want to take to effectively plan for the millennium. Sample Year 2000 poll questions include:

— Would you fly on a commercial airline on January 1, 2000?

— Are you prohibiting staff from taking vacation during the first week of

January 2000?

— Are you concerned about Y2K-related mishaps from nuclear facilities or

weapon systems outside the U.S.?

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