ComputerWorld Canada Rallies Users to Save Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

TORONTO, ONTARIO – February 21, 2008 – ComputerWorld Canada, the national voice of IT professionals, is leading a campaign to help Windows XP users convince Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) to keep selling the popular operating system past the planned June 30, 2008 date., launched February 12, will allow Windows XP users to sign an online petition that will be presented to Microsoft in partnership with ComputerWorld Canada's sister portal, InfoWorld. On June 30 of this year, Microsoft plans to stop making new licences to Windows XP available through most outlets, though business users and some consumers will be able to "downgrade" to XP after that date under restricted rules.

More than 80,000 people across America have signed InfoWorld's "Save XP" petition in the three weeks since it was launched – many with passionate, often emotional pleas to not be forced to make the change. ComputerWorld Canada's is a unique opportunity for Canadians to also make their voices heard. Along with the petition, Save Microsoft Windows XP Canada will feature regular updates on support issues, reader testimonials and strategies to maintain XP past its expiry date.

"Enterprise IT users in Canada represent one of Microsoft's biggest customer constituencies," said Shane Schick, editor of ComputerWorld Canada. "As the refresh cycles for their computing platforms have lengthened, they deserve a chance to make their case for upgrading on their own schedule, rather than that of a vendor."

Microsoft has reported that it sold 100 million Vista licenses in 2007, which means that roughly four out of 10 new machines shipped with Vista on them. By comparison, nearly 70 percent of PCs shipped with Microsoft Windows XP OP in its first year. According to NetApplications, about 11 percent of installed machines use Vista, compared to 75 percent running XP. Research firm Gartner advises its clients not to switch to Microsoft Windows Vista until early 2009, after the first service pack has been released, third-party compatibility is improved, and more Vista-ready hardware is in the hardware purchase cycle.

"We're not waging a war against Microsoft," Schick added. " is an attempt to lead the conversation about a subject our readers care about. Through this petition and our ongoing coverage, we hope to broker a new kind of dialogue among our readers and their software providers."

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