Computerworld Colombia celebrates 20 years of market leadership

Bogotá, Colombia–Dec. 16, 2009–The staff of Computerworld Colombia celebrated its 20th anniversary last month with a gala dinner for more than 150 people in Bogotá. Among the attendees were many top executives from major IT companies including IBM, Oracle, NCR, Unisys, Schneider, Dell and Sun Microsystems.

CW Colombia launched on July 31, 1989. It now leads the enterprise publishing market in circulation and ads and is the newspaper of choice for both IT users and providers, said Ciro Villate, director of IDG partner Inviarco Ltda.

Computerworld Colombia’s print run is 5,000 copies, and has 16,000 monthly page views and 8,500 unique visitors.

As part of its anniversary celebration, the staff published a book with more than 70 articles about free software collected from past issues of CW Colombia over the last few years.

“In Colombia, it is a big challenge to survive in the editorial business, so 20 years is a great achievement for Computerworld,” Villate said, noting that their oldest competitor debuted three years ago. “We are proud of that and the recognition we’ve had from the main IT companies and the media industry.”