Consumer Showcase to Make East Coast Debut at MACWORLD Expo/New York

NEW YORK– June 3, 1999–MACWORLD Expo/New York 1999, July 20-23 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, will introduce the highly successful "Consumer Showcase," a hands-on special interest environment showcasing the latest home computing and consumer applications for the iMac and the entire Mac industry.

The "Consumer Showcase," which debuted with critical acclaim at MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 1999, will appear for the first time at the New York show alongside the other successful MACWORLD Expo/New York Special Interest Areas, such as "Developer Central," the "Education District," "Small Business Solutions," "Business and Accounting Pavilion," "Extensions Workshop for Creative Content," "Digital Art Gallery", and the "Digital Media Studio."

"MACWORLD Expo brings the `Consumer Showcase' to New York in response to the tremendous success of the iMac and the growing number of companies developing thousands of diverse applications and solutions for consumers interested in entertainment, home office, music, home learning and video," said Nicole Derany, MACWORLD Expo/New York Show Director.

"MACWORLD Expo constantly strives to evolve and change with the reshaping of the Mac universe so show attendees hear the most recent news and see the most recent technology innovations before they hit the street." The applications and solutions will be identified as one of three consumer categories: Lifestyles, USB Peripherals or Music.

The Consumer Showcase is co-sponsored by Apple Computer, Macworld Magazine,, MacHome Journal, and iMac Buyers Guide.

Mac-Gamers Wanted

At MACWORLD Expo/New York, the Macintosh Gaming Exhibitions area will showcase dozens of companies with the latest in gaming titles and peripherals for the Mac — the hottest new platform in the games market.

Also returning to New York by popular demand is the National Macintosh Gaming Championship, where attendees will compete for more than $25,000 worth in prizes to become the National Macintosh Gaming Champion. Attendees are treated to the thrill of the competition watching today's hottest games played out in real-time, with real contestants.

In addition to the competition, the Macintosh Gaming Exhibition also features a retail store for Mac gamers to get their hands on the latest and greatest titles and products on display in the area.

The National Macintosh Gaming Competition is produced by Double Exposure Inc, and the Gaming Exhibition is sponsored by MacSoft, Macworld Magazine, iMacworld and MacCentral.

For Educators

Schools, training and district level issues are the focus areas for the Education District, showcasing curriculum building and multimedia software and Internet tools for educators. With technology coming into the classroom, educators will be able to test and learn effective ways to use the Mac to their advantage, whether for K-12 or higher education. The Education District is sponsored by Apple Computer Inc.

For Engineers, Scientists and Researchers

Also new for MACWORLD Expo/New York is the introduction of Sci-Tech, the Scientific and Technical Special Interest Environment, sponsored by Apple Computer. For researchers, scientists, educators and students, this area has evolved from within Developer Central into an independent special interest area, showcasing a broad array of hardware and software for mathematics, the pure sciences, and engineering and data visualization.

For Creative Professionals

The Extensions Workshop for Creative Content, produced by the Worldwide Power Company LLC, and Xchange NA, showcases the most popular and innovative tools and services in desktop publishing and pre-press applications. From Portable Document Format (PDF) Development to digital proofing, this environment has all the essential tools for creative professionals who use computers in their daily jobs to publish digital content on-line, or on paper.

Also for Creative Professionals, the MACWORLD Expo Digital Art Gallery will display the 30 finalists from both student and non-student categories in the 1999 MACWORLD Expo Digital Art Gallery competition. The Digital Art Gallery is sponsored by Iomega and Digital Fine Art Magazine.

For Media Professionals

Created for Media professionals, the Digital Media Studio, featuring Apple's QuickTime(tm), FireWire(tm)and Final Cut Pro technologies, showcases innovative companies with cutting edge applications and solutions. Attendees will find solutions for creating, editing, storing, and delivering digital media.

The Digital Media Studio has received endorsements from the Digital Video Professional Association and the Broadcast Design Association.

For the Business Community

Attendees will see the latest in Mac business products targeted for small business at the Small Business Solutions environment, sponsored by Apple Computer. And businesses of any size will find solutions within the Business and Accounting Pavilion, sponsored by ITA — the Information Technology Alliance.

From tools for building an Intranet to telecommuting essentials to accounting solutions, these environments showcase the performance of the Mac as a business platform. Attendees will be able to test new business management productivity and accounting tools and solutions.

For Web Developers and Network Administrators

For Web developers, network administrators, and content developers, the NetInnovators special interest environment will focus on Internet and Mac OS networking-based tools and services necessary to build and support network products, services and applications.

Co-sponsored by Apple Computer and NetProfessional Magazine, NetInnovators will feature AppleTalk and platform-neutral technologies that allow the Mac to help shape enterprise-wide communications networks.

For Software Developers and Programmers

Developer Central is a one-stop resource for software developers and programmers, showcasing the latest technologies and development tools, and new and updated product information.

Developers of all experience levels have access to all the tools and information they need to build corporate and commercial applications. Representatives will be available to answer questions regarding products, tools and services presented. After taking in the new technologies, attendees can stop by the "developer depot" retail store to pick up the tools they have just learned about.