Copier and Printer Vendors Refocus Their Efforts “Beyond the Box” with an Emphasis on Document Solutions, IDC Says

FRAMINGHAM, MA – JUNE 20, 2001 – Copier and printer vendors looking to turn slowing profits into growing profits have found a solution – document solutions. According to IDC, a document solution is an integrated package of hardcopy hardware and software that enhances the document cycle – creation, management, or distribution – or solves related problems faced by end users supported in an IT community. This beyond-the-box strategy is revamping the copier and printer industry.


"It is becoming increasingly difficult for copier and printer vendors to compete on hardware specifications alone, especially in the office and production segments," said Keith Kmetz, director of IDC’s Document Solutions for Hardcopy Peripherals program. "Because a selling strategy based on hardware ‘speeds and feeds’ is no longer viable, hardware vendors are seeking opportunities beyond the box to differentiate themselves from the competition. Providing document solutions is proving to be a successful sales strategy for vendors by effectively building loyalty among current customers and attracting new customers."

IDC believes a truly successful document solutions package will enable customers to effectively address many of their document problems. These problems include making information available to the right people at the right time in the right way, cutting document production and distribution costs, using office equipment more effectively and reducing waste, improving customer communication, and improving revenue, profits, and competitiveness. "The race is on to determine which vendor can best execute a comprehensive document solutions strategy," added Daniel Corsetti, analyst for IDC’s Document Solutions for Hardcopy Peripherals program.

Despite demand for document solutions, IDC believes vendors will face implementation challenges. One of these challenges is integrating the right solutions with its hardware products. "Because solutions are typically tailored for each customer, a one-size-fits-all mentality is unlikely to work," Corsetti warned.

IDC’s report A Competitive Analysis of Copier and Printer Vendors’ Document Solutions (IDC #B24801) analyzes the document solutions portfolios of the major players in the copier and printer markets. Specifically, it discusses why software and services solutions are important. This competitive analysis also provides insight into which solutions areas are getting the most market attention. Finally, it assesses which hardcopy peripherals vendors are doing the best job of integrating their software/services solutions with their hardware products. To purchase this report, contact Patrick Steeves at 1-800-343-4952, extension 6787, or at

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