CXO Media Editors Capture Prestigious Crain Award and McAllister Fellowship CIO and CSO Magazines Secure Four Wins at the 51st Annual Neal Awards Ceremony

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 16, 2005 – IDG's CXO Media Inc., publisher of CIO, CSO and CMO magazines, today received top honors today for its executive leadership and editorial excellence at the 51st Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards. The ceremony, held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, included the presentation of individual awards to Editorial Director Lew McCreary, who received this year's G.D. Crain Award for his outstanding contributions to the journalistic excellence in business media, and Senior Editor Scott Berinato, awarded the McAllister Fellowship which includes a tutorial visit to Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

The Neal Awards, often called the Pulitzer Prize of the business press, are sought-after editorial excellence awards in business-to-business publishing. In addition to the Crain and McAllister honors conferred at the ceremony, CSO magazine landed three Neals — including Best Single Article — while two-time Grand Neal Award recipient, CIO magazine, took home one award to add to its impressive collection.

In his acceptance speech for the Crain Award, McCreary said, "The business of the business press is a truly great one. In many ways, it's fair to say, there's more integrity in the pages of business publications than there is in a lot of the consumer titles. And despite the difficult market we've been faced with in recent years, quality still matters and it still shines through."

Berinato, a graduate of Medill and proud recipient of the McAllister Fellowship, summed up his appreciation this way, "In many ways, I think my job is to penetrate noise — which is energizing when you connect with readers at that level. Lucky for me, my editors enable my storytelling habit, because they believe like I do that narratives not only entertain, but also humanize business and make the business lessons we need to convey more compelling."

Complete List of Honors:

Editorial Leadership Awards:

Lew McCreary, Editorial Director, CXO Media: G.D. Crain Award

Scott Berinato, Senior Editor, CIO and CSO magazines: McAllister


Publication Awards:

CIO magazine: Best Subject-Related Series of Articles: "Offshore

Outsourcing" (Jun 15 and Oct 15)

Written by Todd Datz, Christopher Koch, Stephanie Overby and Ben Worthen;

edited by Alison Bass, Cheryl Asselin, and David Rosenbaum; designed by

Teri Haas

CSO magazine: Best Single Article: "Anatomy of a Fraud" (Oct)

Written by Scott Berinato; edited by Derek Slater; designed by Steve

Traynor; fact checked/copy edited by Emily Henderson and Carol Zarrow

CSO magazine: Best Subject-Related Series of Articles: "Deconstructing

DHS" (Mar, Apr and May)

Written by Scott Berinato, Sarah Scalet, Todd Datz; edited by Elaine

Cummings, Derek Slater, Lew McCreary; designed by Steve Traynor; fact

checked/copy edited by Emily Henderson

CSO magazine: Best Department: "Machine Shop" (Jan., Aug., July and Sept.)

Written by Simson Garfinkel; edited by Kathleen Carr, Elaine Cummings;

designed by Chandra Tallman and Steve Traynor

Founded in 1987, CIO magazine is the leading publication for chief information officers and a regular contender in the annual Neal Awards with previous honors including the Grand Neal Award, Best How-To Article or Series, and Best Single Issue of a Magazine. CSO magazine, aimed at chief security executives from the public and private sectors, swept the 2004 Neal awards with four wins and was named first runner-up to CIO for the Grand Neal in 2003.

The Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards were created in 1955 by American Business Media to recognize and reward excellence in independent business publications. The awards are named after American Business Media's first managing director who promoted the business press throughout his life. The Neal Awards are presented annually to editors who have submitted entries exhibiting journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field and editorial excellence.


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