CXO Media Recognized By TheWhite House For Efforts To Educate Americans About Cyber Security

FRAMINGHAM, MA – APRIL 19, 2002 – IDG's CXO Media Inc. (publisher of CIO magazine) was recognized by The White House for its participation and contributions to the National Cyber Security Alliance's Stay Safe Online campaign. The Alliance, a unique partnership between the federal government and leading private sector companies, launched a nationwide campaign in February to educate Americans on the need for computer security and to encourage all computer users to protect their home and small business systems. The organization's website,, provides a top-ten list of tips, alerts, safety checklists, protective measures, and other tools to promote safe and responsible computer use.


Recognizing the efforts behind this campaign, Governor Tom Ridge, Director of Homeland Defense, and Richard Clarke, Special Advisor to the President for Cyberspace Security, honored Alliance members on April 18th at a special recognition ceremony in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. Susan Watson, Vice President of News & Information, attended the event on behalf of CXO Media.

The Alliance and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) worked with SANS to hold a nationwide poster contest for kids in 3rd through 8th grade judging the best security messages and most creative illustrations. Each winner received a trip to DC with a chaperone, a plaque commemorating the contest, and a generous gift of computer equipment to their school. Scanned versions of the winning posters are available to media by emailing

As members of the Alliance, CXO Media conducted a proprietary study to determine what chief information officers (CIOs) and chief executive officers (CEOs) know about computer and information security, as well as what protective measures these experts employ in their personal lives. The Executive Cyber Threat Awareness Survey ( concluded that CIOs and CEOs, the most technology and business-savvy individuals in the country, set and follow strict computer security guidelines in the workplace yet do not follow the same standards at home with their own PCs.

"Practicing computer security at work and at home is key to increased national and economic security," says Watson. "Americans need to be diligent in protecting cyber resources from attack at both home and work."

In addition to serving as a member of the National Cyber Security Alliance, CXO Media addresses cyber security issues through its editorial content (in CIO magazine and at, proprietary research, events and advocacy programs. Earlier this week, CIO magazine presented a special session on New Tools, New Approaches to E-Crime, at its CIO Perspectives conference in Miami, FL. Featuring US Secret Service agents Robert Weaver and David Curran, the session addressed specific practices and techniques pioneered by the NY Electronic Crimes Task Force to combat electronic crimes. Earlier this year, CXO collaborated with the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to produce the first set of cyberthreat reporting guidelines ( jointly sanctioned by federal law enforcement. Next Tuesday, CXO will host the Executive Policy Forum at

Princeton University. The event, featuring a live event, webcast and satellite broadcast, will examine public confidence and the U.S. economy following the events of September 11th. Produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce's Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO), the event features Governor James McGreevey and other dignitaries from US government, business and media.

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About the National Cyber Security Alliance

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a cooperative effort between industry and government organizations to foster awareness of cyber security through educational outreach and public awareness. For more information on the Alliance or the Stay Safe Online campaign, visit

NOTE TO EDITORS: The Executive Cyber Threat Awareness Survey results are available to journalists. For complete findings, call Karen Fogerty at 508.935.4091 (office) or 508.254.9285 (mobile).