A day in the life of Rich Wills, IDG’s EMEA Manager of Global Sales Enablement


Rich Wills, EMEA Manager of Global Sales Enablement

Introduce yourself.

Hi there, I’m Rich Wills and I’m EMEA Manager of Global Sales Enablement here at IDG.


How long have you worked for IDG?

I joined IDG in April, on my birthday in fact! Not what everyone asks for but it was a wonderful present for me.


What does your job role entail?

I am part of IDG’s Strategic Marketing Services team, and we are a global marketing organisation using IDG’s infrastructure and expertise to offer services for B2B and B2C customers across content strategy and creation, social media, research and analytics, design and integrated campaigns to engage audiences across the full range of platforms.

My job is to support our sales team across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). I help them to understand the nuances of our products and develop new products to ensure that we answer customer requests in the best way possible.

My role is a new one, but the whole concept of “sales enablement” is gaining currency so I’m relishing the opportunity to make my mark here at IDG.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I start the day, like anyone else, with a schedule and to do list, but by five past nine both are completely up in the air.

My day is filled with conversations and meetings with sales teams and customers about new opportunities, briefs and strategies.  I also meet with people from the Strategic Marketing Services team to create new products and check that internal delivery processes are working as well as possible- it’s important that we can effectively deliver the big ideas that we come up with, so these are equally important parts of the job. I have a European remit but I’m part of a larger global team, so my day can finish late with calls to the east and west coasts of the US.


Who do you work with?

Everything I do is about ensuring IDG’s salespeople put the best possible options in front of our customers, making sure their requirements are understood and exceeded, so I work closely with our sales teams. However, when it comes to looking at future strategy and developments, I liaise with management from our regional businesses as well as marketing services specialists from across the Strategic Marketing Services team.


What skills are needed in your job?

Communication, empathy and organisation are the key skills. I work with people from different countries and backgrounds, and with different requirements, so being able to communicate what I need from them and understand what they need from me and why they need it is hugely important. Managing my time with the expectation of IDG’s local and global sales teams has been a challenge to get used to. However, it’s something I strive to get better at each day and luckily I receive great support from my colleagues!


What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

The biggest challenge I face is managing and prioritising my workload.  I cover a lot of countries and want to help and support all of them as much as I can. Making that happen can be tough and is an ongoing process, which is why getting help and support from IDG’s experts in the different regions is key here.


What is the best project you have worked on at IDG?

I recently collated a complete portfolio of products across the US, UK, Germany and Nordic countries for our global sales team. Standardising products and pricing for these different countries was a huge challenge, but so fulfilling. This is already having a positive effect in the market, and our sales team are able to pull together campaigns for buyers looking to target all, or some, of these key regions quickly and confidently- which is fantastic for IDG and good for our customers.


What is the best thing about your work?

Being able to work with a large and diverse group of people every day from so many different countries is wonderful.

Making a demonstrable, measureable difference and helping lots of different clients is a brilliant reason to get out of bed in the morning!


What are you most excited for in 2018? What is coming next?

2018 is going to be a fantastic and exciting year for IDG. I’m most looking forward to working with clients and colleagues across EMEA and helping to support and grow their businesses! One of the joys of working for IDG is that we are successful when our customers are successful, so 2018 is all about building bigger, better partnerships and relationships with our customers.


How do you make a difference to your customers? What should customers expect from you?

I help sales teams at IDG to think more strategically and ensure customer needs and objectives are at the forefront of everything we do. I get feedback from clients and colleagues to understand where our products are successful, where they can be improved and where we can fill strategic gaps with new ideas. I’m always available to talk about our products and offerings and I’m here to ensure we exceed expectations and grow businesses.


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