DEMO 08 Conference Takes Fresh Look at Technology Industry

PALM DESERT, CA. – January 29, 2008 – The technology industry's elite DEMO conference kicked off this morning with a state-of-the-industry address given by Chris Shipley, emerging technology analyst and DEMO executive producer.

"Our demonstrating companies foretell the next generation of real-time, rich applications and use cases, dependent on keystone technologies and conceptual changes in every layer of the stack, from foundational protocols that deliver performance and reliability to design shifts that bring usability to new levels," said Shipley. "Over the last several months, we've talked to hundreds of companies and identified the 77 launching products here this week as the very best of the lot. And they are also representative of direction and change in the technology markets."

Now in its 18th year, the semi-annual DEMO conferences are launch pad events for the newest and best products in digital technology. This year's DEMO product debuts include everything from a portable, learn-to-read system for children to advanced online collaboration tools for distributed work teams.

Over the next two days, the DEMO 08 stage will host the launch of 77 new technologies, each hand selected and deemed to make an important contribution to the state of the art in its target market. Today's introductions included technologies designed for:

— developing and distributing rich media content;

— virtualization of the infrastructure for security and stability;

— creating a healthier environment;

— improving business and personal communications; and

— increased productivity for mobile workers.

"DEMO's mission is simple, if not simple to enact: find great innovation wherever it occurs, identify market trends through the lens of the products coming to market, and expose the DEMO community to new ideas and opportunities," said Shipley. "Attendees at DEMO 08 are going to see the best new technologies and learn about the factors shaping the industry today. There is much to learn from the DEMO 08 demonstrators and detailed discussions to be had within DEMO's community of industry decision-makers."

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Valuable Products for Today's Prosumers

— TimeTrade Systems, Inc.'s TimeDriver – eliminates the email

back-and-forth required to schedule meetings.

— LiquidPlanner, Inc.'s LiquidPlanner – project management software that

uses ranged estimates and probabilistic scheduling for accuracy and

provides team members with a collaborative project environment.

— Citiport, Inc.'s Citiport – collects recommendations from locals and

travelers about points of interests, restaurants, and things to do in

major cities around the world.

— 800 PBX, Inc.'s 800 Genie – first personalized telephony service

bringing Web-based data to the phone.

Communication Capabilities for Personal and Business Applications

— Toktumi, Inc.'s Tokumi – an office phone service designed for small

businesses, giving them the professional telephone features that big

companies enjoy.

— Santrum Networks, Inc.'s BloCafe – a collaborative teleconferencing

platform where teammates can co-work on files, send messages, host

forums, and more.

— Vidyo, Inc.'s VidyoConferencing – HD-quality video conferencing over

general-purpose IP networks makes teleconferences available to any

desktop computer.

Practical Products that are Simple to Use

— LiquidTalk, Inc.'s LiquidTalk – turns podcasting into a simple

communications channel between managers and mobile workers, making the

distribution of podcasts as easy as sending an email.

— Zodiac Interactive's Zodigo – helps smartphone users easily find and

download interesting mobile content recommended by like-minded people.

— Acesis, Inc.'s Acesis Point-of-Care software – digital clinical data

capture in customizable forms that dynamically update, helping

physicians focus on appropriate lines of inquiry.

Green Tech for a Healthier Environment

— Green Plug, Inc.'s Green Plug Universal Power Protocol – allows for

the charging of multiple DC-powered devices with differing power