DEMO 09 Conference Showcases Significant New Emerging Technologies

PALM DESERT, Calif. — March 2, 2009 — The technology industry's elite DEMO conference kicked off this morning with a state-of-the-industry address given by Chris Shipley, DEMO's co-executive producer. Chris was joined by newly appointed co-executive producer, Matt Marshall, VentureBeat's founder and CEO. DEMO 09 was broadcast live via BitGravity's BG Live(TM), attracting a global audience of more than 55,000 views. For the first time ever, DEMO featured Facebook(R)'s Live Feed technology, which allowed conference participants and those viewing the live stream online to share and view Facebook status updates about the event in real time – a true utilization of social and multimedia tools to spread the message of DEMO's innovative companies. Follow the show on

"We are extremely proud of the demonstrating companies we've brought together to debut at DEMO 09," said Chris Shipley. "While the bleak state of the economy has no doubt complicated business aspects for new up-and-comers with breakthrough technology ideas, the excellent group of products we're seeing here is proof that smart innovations and revolutionary developments will still find a way to rise to the top in the marketplace."

Now in its 19th year, the semi-annual DEMO conferences are launch pad events for the newest and best products in emerging technology. This year's DEMO product debuts include everything from an intelligent, Web-based mortgage buying subscription service to a next-generation dating tool to a portable device that works as both a netbook and a touchscreen tablet.

Over the next two days, the DEMO 09 stage will host the launch of 39 new technologies, each hand selected and deemed to play a significant role in the advancements of its target market. Today's introductions included technologies designed for:

— Driving increased productivity and efficiency with new communications


— improving financial control and insight for consumers and businesses in

the face of the economy;

— combating carbon pollution;

— delivering ground-breaking applications for mobile users; and

— increasing advancements in consumer hardware.

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Products to Improve Productivity and Efficiency:

— Ontier, Inc.'s Pixetell – on-demand software that provides the

power of in-person interactions with the convenience of email.

— Transformyx, Inc.'s RallyPoint – a communication and employee

accountability application that allows businesses to securely stay

connected with employees during a crisis.

— Vokle, Inc. – a live, Web-based consumer-facing video chat environment

for individuals and companies to better promote content through instant

word-of-mouth discussions.

— Technicopia, LLC's gwabbit – a simple plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

users that takes the hassle out of capturing new contact information

from emails to the Address Book.

— Cc: Betty, Inc. – a personal email assistant that sorts through emails

and parses conversations, files, images, and more, to save time for

those collaborating with multiple teams.

— Citrix Online's GoView – a simple, highly effective

screen-capturing platform that allows users to easily create and share

screen content with others.

— Zuora, Inc.'s Z-Commerce for Facebook – a flagship product that

provides a simple and effective way for Facebook developers to monetize

their applications without using an advertising-based business model.

— Document Depository Corporation – a hosted service for efficient legal

document storage, tagging, sharing, and retrieval.

Technologies to Help Loosen the Tight Economic Reins:

— Home-Account, Inc. – an intelligent mortgage buying subscription service

giving homeowners the tools to help monitor and leverage their

home's value more effectively.

— Zipadi Technologies, LLC – the first do-it-yourself, SaaS publishing

platform for SMB's, allowing merchants to build an interactive

e-commerce Web site using less time and money.

— 7 Billion People, Inc.'s WebLegend – a new software solution

enabling e-retailers to adapt web pages in real-time to give individual

shoppers a personalized experience, increasing conversion rates by up to