DEMO 2006 Launches 68 Real Products That Meet Real Needs; 16th Annual DEMO Conference Closes with Focus on VoIP, Search, Media Tools, Security and More; Outstanding Presenters Honored With DEMOgod Awards

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – FEBRUARY 8, 2006 – DEMO is the technology industry's premier emerging technology launch venue where investors, executives, and journalists come to discover the most significant new products and trends that will shape the marketplace in the coming 12 – 18 months. DEMO 2006 closed today after an action-packed eight hours of live product demonstrations, in-depth analysis of future trends, and the naming of this year's class of DEMOgod winners.

DEMO continues to be a successful platform because it is focused on new products — and who isn't a product geek at heart?" said Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer. "DEMO 2006 has launched into the marketplace a stunning and varied collection of compelling business efficiency tools, consumer services, network optimizers, and enabling technologies that are designed to make life and work easier, more enjoyable, richer. This is an exciting moment in our industry, as the DEMO 2006 demonstrators prove: the innovations are first class and investor interest is overwhelming. The technology market is on the rise again."

Today's DEMO 2006 program focused on enterprise, personal identity and Internet security, VoIP services, search technologies, information mining for relevancy, and digital content management. John Patrick, president of Attitude LLC, led a second FutureScan session on securing the Internet in order to enable the single greatest platform for commerce.

Technology Trends

Voice over IP is moving mainstream, thanks to services such as Skype and corporate adoption of VoIP in business telecommunications. Still, mass consumer adoption is only beginning to take place. Analyst firm IDC projects that the residential VoIP market will grow to more than 27 million subscribers by 2009. Three DEMO 2006 demonstrators launched critical pieces that fit in place to demonstrate the simplicity, savings and value of VoIP communications:

EQO Communications, Inc. — "EQO Mobile Internet Phone Service" brings the presence and call management features of IP network services to cell phones.

my people, LLC. — "my people" is a residential VoIP service with added features, such as speak to dial and reminder wake up calls.

ZinkKat, LLC. — "Chili" is the first wearable cordless phone, MP3 player, Podcast and Web stream receiver all in one.

Search technology is at the heart of big business. DEMO 2006 reflects this industry trend with 10 of its 69 demonstrating companies devoted to search. As information proliferates — in databases, in e-mail in-boxes, on giant local and networked data stores — identifying, retrieving, analyzing and using that data becomes exponentially more difficult. These products were designed to seek more relevant, computationally derived results across a range of data types:

America Online, Inc. — "Truveo" is a comprehensive search engine for video on the Web.

Iotum Corp. — The "Iotum" platform intelligently filters, ranks and prioritizes calls based on their relevance to you.

Nexidia, Inc. — "Nexidia Media Search" applies phonetic search algorithms to speech to find audio files among search results.

Sprout Systems, Inc. — "Sproutit Mailroom" is an e-mail management system for SMBs that prioritizes, archives and even suggests replies.

Transparensee Systems, Inc. — "BestMatch" is a search engine that lets a Web site's visitors find the best match for any product or service using an unlimited number of criteria.

Digital Content Management

Consumers encounter massive amounts of digital media every day: digital photos of the best friend's baby, the latest song downloaded from iTunes, this week's edition of the TWiT podcast, etc. Smart entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to develop tools that help create, manage, publish and consume digital media. These seven companies at DEMO 2006 showed off their content management solutions: BroadRamp, Inc.'s "Content Delivery System"; NewsGator Technologies, Inc.'s "NewsGator Hosted Solution"; SimpleFeed, Inc.'s "SimpleFeed"; Smilebox, Inc.'s "Smilebox"; Vivid Sky, LLC.'s "The SkyBOX"; Vizrea Corp.'s "Vizrea Snap"; Yahoo!'s "Yahoo! Photos."


"System uptime, data protection, and identity theft are weighty issues," said Shipley. "It takes real ingenuity to out-think the fraudsters who are trying to steal identities and hack into enterprise systems. The 12 smart companies that debuted security solutions today at DEMO have designed serious, and seriously clever, innovations."

Security products debuted at DEMO 2006 include:

Azos AI, LLC. — "GetMeNow" and "Smart Emergency Alert" ensure secure, prioritized emergency communications via wireless devices.

IronPort Systems, Inc. — "IronPort S-Series" Web security appliances prevent exposure to phishing, spyware, and other malware that destroys systems and productivity.

Pay By Touch — "Pay by Touch Online" is a payment and biometric identification service that gives consumers a fast, easy and secure way to identify themselves while making online purchases.

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. — "WebSecure" encrypts data at the keyboard, providing safe online interactions and helping to prevent identity theft.

Tested Technologies Corp. — "Hyperblocking-IPS" identifies and blocks transmissions emanating from harmful IP addresses based on IP attributes.

FutureScan: The future of security

Each new "unbreakable" security scheme seems only to be a new challenge for the hackers determined to break through. In his second DEMO 2006 FutureScan session, John Patrick explored how a trusted Internet — the backbone for commerce and information exchange — can be built despite the bad guys. Patrick examined the technological underpinnings required to build a secure Internet with Charles C. Palmer, DGM, Security and Privacy, IBM Research and found that securing computers and computing networks poses a tremendous challenge for researchers exploring a range of options from encryption techniques to biometric authentication.

DEMOgods(TM) and INNY Award Winners

DEMOgods are selected for their ability to clearly articulate the jaw-dropping significance of their debuting technologies despite the pressures of a jaded audience, a make-or-break level of expectation, and a glowing red six-minute count down clock. DEMOgods for DEMO 2006 are:

* Network Streaming

* Panaratio

* VSee Labs

* Iotum

* Ugobe

* Riya

* Sprout

* Krugle

* Cosmix

* Front Porch

Sheila Grinell from The Tech Museum of Innovation, a DEMO partner, announced The Tech's selections for its INNY Awards. INNYs are bestowed on DEMO innovations that will impact people's lives and reinforce The Tech's mission to inspire the innovator in everyone. These DEMO 2006 INNY Award- winners' products will soon be available for the public to experience and explore at The Tech Museum:

* MooBella

* Ugobe

* Shimon Systems