Demo Alumni Withstand the Test of Time and Shape the Technology Landscape

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – April 10, 2008 – Using the DEMO conferences as a platform to kick start their business strategies, DEMO alumni around the world continue to reach new heights month after month. In March, alumni from as far back as 2001 continued to shape the technology landscape.

"We all know it takes a lot to get a winning product to market at the right time, with the proper amount of momentum behind it," said Chris Shipley, product analyst and executive producer of the DEMO conferences. "What continually impresses me about the DEMO alumni is that they've brought together winning products, and packaged them with the vision, strategy and business sense needed to quickly and aggressively enter the market and continue to have a long-term effect on the technology landscape years after they launch."

In March, several companies announced new milestones including:

— CatalystOffice (

(DEMO 2008) announced that its software is now Macintosh-compatible

through the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. CatalystOffice delivers a

Web-based suite of applications including business-class email,

document management, calendar, contact and instant messaging for the

small business market.

— iVideosongs (

(DEMO 2008) included 14 new titles to it catalog of high definition

music instruction videos. The service, for aspiring musicians,

provides instructions from original artists on popular songs.

— Seesmic (

(DEMO 2008) announced the purchase of Twhirl the desktop

twitter client. The company plans to integrate Twhirl to deliver a

desktop video microblogging service in the future. Seesmic is

currently in Alpha.

— Sprout Inc. (

(DEMO 2008) the makers of SproutBuilder, an easy-to-use

widget building tool, announced its open beta. The company said that

more than 5,000 people in 30 countries created over 17,000 "sprouts"

during the closed beta.

— Toktumi Inc (

(DEMO 2008) announced the opening of a public beta for

small businesses. The company delivers a free, downloadable PC-based

phone service, which "offers an enterprise-grade PBX that can be set up

in five minutes."

— 4INFO (

(DEMOfall 2006) provided NCAA basketball fans with a chance to

get alerts on score update and other information during March Madness.

The company said it sent more than 1 million alerts during the

tournament last year.

— Dash Navigation (

(DEMOfall 2006) announced the availability of the Dash

Express, an Internet-connected GPS device, through's

Electronic store. The device costs $399.99 and comes with a free

three-month trial of Dash's Internet access service.

— BelnSync formerly DataPod

( (DEMO 2004)

announced that Phoenix Technologies has agreed to buy the company for

$22.1 million in cash

and stock in a deal expected to close in April. BelnSync provides five

million users with a way to synchronize and back up any type of

computer file.