DEMO Announces New Executive Producer, Forges Long-Term Partnership with VentureBeat; After 13 Years as Executive Producer, Chris Shipley Will Pass the Torch to VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall in 2010

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — February 19, 2009 — IDG's DEMO conference, the world-renowned launch platform for some of the most notable emerging technologies introduced over the past two decades, announced today that Chris Shipley, DEMO Executive Producer for the past 13 years, will step down following the DEMOfall event this September. IDG has forged a strong strategic alliance with her hand-picked successor, Matt Marshall, founder and CEO of VentureBeat, who will share the stage with Shipley in 2009 and transition into the Executive Producer role completely in 2010.

Marshall will assume the role of Co-Executive Producer for the DEMO 09 and DEMOfall 09 events working alongside Shipley, who is Founder and Chairman of Guidewire Group, the world's leading analyst firm focused on early-stage companies and emerging markets. For 2010 events and beyond, Marshall will become the sole Executive Producer on the DEMO stage and VentureBeat will take over the task of sourcing, vetting and selecting the companies who will present at each DEMO as well as provide a wide range of new content elements and product offerings to grow and evolve the brand.

Marshall will be just the fourth Executive Producer of DEMO in its near-20 year history. The DEMO conference was founded by Stewart Alsop in 1991, while David Coursey produced the event in 1995 and 1996. Shipley joined DEMO after the 1996 event, and over the years built DEMO into the most acclaimed and successful launchpad for new products and companies in the industry. The list of revolutionary technologies launched at DEMO is pages long but notables include, E*Trade, Glam Media Java, the Palm Pilot,, Six Apart, TiVO, VMware and WebEx, among many others.

"DEMO and Guidewire Group have worked closely together over the past year to identify a suitable successor for Chris — someone who could continue a long tradition of excellence and become a suitable steward for the DEMO brand," said Michael Friedenberg, CEO & President, CXO Media & Network World Inc., the IDG business unit overseeing the DEMO brand. "We knew we had something when Matt Marshall lit up the DEMO stage this past fall while hosting a highly compelling VC panel. His stage presence combined with VentureBeat's deep rooted understanding of the emerging technology marketplace matched perfectly with our goal to ensure DEMO delivers exciting new products and thought provoking content for years to come."

Together, IDG and VentureBeat will evolve the DEMO brand by continually bringing fresh, new ideas to a conference that strives to be the innovative hub of technology. "VentureBeat is excited to partner with an organization that aligns with our strategy to continually identify the people, products and trends in emerging technology that are exhibiting truly ground-breaking potential," said Marshall. "We believe our relationship with DEMO will provide a platform for continued entrepreneurial exposure and growth throughout the tech industry."

As with DEMO's partnership with Guidewire, the combined strength of DEMO and VentureBeat ensures a continued commitment to support emerging technologies and new product launch. "I couldn't be happier with DEMO's decision to partner with VentureBeat and I know I am leaving the brand in good hands," said Shipley. "DEMO has been a major part of my career and my life for many years, but the opportunity to work more directly with entrepreneurs through Guidewire Group is too strong a pull. Still, it would have been extremely difficult to leave DEMO without having a strong successor to whom I could pass the torch. Matt is the perfect choice. I am confident that he and the VentureBeat team will maintain the integrity and high standards that have carried the brand for all these years., They will also bring different perspectives, ideas and insights that will help take DEMO to new heights."

VentureBeat will kick start its efforts in less than two weeks at the DEMO 09 conference taking place in Palm Desert, California on March 1-3. There, Marshall will introduce a new program concept entitled 'DEMObeat' on the DEMO stage. DEMObeat will drill down into the technology trends on the cutting edge and will showcase the innovators and innovations that are paving the way.

Each session will bring together the sharpest minds and the coolest technologies that are literally setting the trends of tomorrow. DEMObeat sessions at DEMO 09 will focus on the latest social data sharing techniques; tomorrow's tools for building a sustainable economy; and innovations in social media for improved productivity.

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