DEMO Spring 2010 Concludes 20th Annual Conference With Final Product Launches and Previews, DEMOgod Awards and Insightful Panel Discussions

PALM DESERT, CA. – March 23, 2010 – The DEMO Conference, the world-renowned launch platform for some of the most notable emerging technologies introduced over the past two decades, today concluded DEMO Spring 2010 in Palm Desert, Calif., where over the past two days, 64 vanguard companies launched cutting edge new products and emerging prototypes to the distinct DEMO community of investors, press, analysts and entrepreneurs. To round out the final day of DEMO Spring 2010, 29 demonstrators and AlphaPitch companies gave remarkable product previews and presented the cutting-edge ideas and concepts. DEMO's Executive Producer, Matt Marshall, closed the conference by presenting this year's DEMOgod awards and the special IDG Million Dollar Media Prize to the selected demonstrator recipient of the People's Choice Award.

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Following day one of DEMO Spring 2010, where 35 companies launched products and/or prototypes in the fields of mobile, social and media, and cloud technologies, day two demonstrator and AlphaPitch companies were focused on enterprise and consumer industries. Technologies presented today ranged anywhere from products to enhance a consumer's television watching experience and personal finance tools to grade a consumer's financial health to productivity and organizational tools for businesses and consumers and applications to keep organizations environmentally engaged and accountable.

Highlights from today's launches:

Everyday Tools for the Savvy Consumer


* CalendarFly – a free online calendar for schools that serves as a single source for parents' schedules and those of their children, updated instantly and automatically as teachers and coaches enter assignments.

* GlideTV Inc.'s GlideTV Navigator – a device that combines big-screen software with a unique handheld wireless touchpad that makes it a pleasure to watch Internet videos on an HDTV.

* Hillcrest Labs' Kylo Browser for TV – a Web browser for television designed for viewing at a distance and easy navigation, with tools including an onscreen keyboard, large buttons, screen zooming, and quick links to popular websites.

* InVisage Technologies, Inc.'s QuantumFilm – the world's first commercial thin film-based image sensors, designed to deliver 4x higher sensitivity and 2x higher dynamic range, including an array of additional features not found on traditional silicon-based imagers.

* nyoombl, Inc.'s Greypfroot – a wallet-sized, Linux/Android OS-based device that enables PC-to-TV teleconferencing and TV-to-TV teleconferencing, yet costs less than a typical unsubsidized smart phone.

* Phone Halo – a small key fob that wirelessly creates a smartphone "halo" around consumers most important items, keeping track of keys, briefcases, purses and other personal valuables, and preventing them from theft, loss or misplacement.

* Rebtel's Android app – a VoIP application optimized for the Google Nexus One device that offers users free international calling with crystal-clear voice quality and without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

* In & Out Cash Management System – an online personal financial management application that uses custom algorithms to score users in eight categories to rate their financial health, rewarding them through an incentive-based point system and integrating social media and gaming to take the common person and coach them into excellent money management.

* Vivox for the Social Web – a tool that makes it possible for users to interact with each other through online games, social networks or virtual worlds just as naturally as they would in real life, providing voice to online communities that enriches the online experience.

AlphaPitch companies:

* KarmaKorn….grow good! – an innovative technology that creates virtual currency for social change.

* MEDL Technology Co., Ltd.'s The Panel – a multipurpose LCD display that offers both consumer and business audiences a lightweight, versatile and portable display, adding additional screen real estate that eliminates bulky peripherals and enhances productivity at home.

Tools for the Modern Business (Part 1)


* BlueSkies Hospitality Management Systems' Restaurant 2.0 – software that delivers customer relationship solutions by creating a productive environment for restaurants and their guests.

* eXaudios Technologies' MagInify Call Center – a call center solution that recognizes and understands people's emotions through their voice to mitigate escalations, identify fraudulent situations, outperform sales and customer satisfaction, provide "how-to" recommendations, and monitor performance by management.

* General Inspection, LLC's Li'l Magic – a part-identification system used by hardware stores with patented, precision laser/optics that provides pricing and inventory control for all loose components.

* GreenNurture – a Web-based SaaS application designed to engage employees in a company's journey towards sustainable business practices by providing a forum to contribute ideas on how to reduce costs and environmental impact while tracking resource expenditures and providing a proprietary Green Action Index rating visible to stakeholders.

* InfoDome – an online SaaS database for spreadsheet users and database authors that makes it easy to collect, manage, analyze and share data.

* Infusionsoft's Email Marketing 2.0 – an on-demand solution that combines advanced email marketing capabilities with a full-featured customer database, e-commerce and powerful automation all in one system.

* Network Hippo, Inc. – a network relationship application that aggregates and organizes contact information intelligently from email and social networking sites.

* Solvate's Staffing Engine – a staffing engine that connects companies with the right talent for their project by leveraging logistical, social and descriptive data.

AlphaPitch companies:

* PERMISSIONtosend's PERMISSION: PIN-based email – a PIN-based email system which, by putting every email you send or receive on a timer, and attaching an unique PIN number to it, is 100% effective in removing SPAM from your Inbox.

* Systems Thinking Institute, LLC's Systemkey – a scalable systems analysis framework that delivers product innovation risk management solutions three times faster using thin-slice modeling with optional near-real-time risk analysis results.

* ZURB's Verify – product that helps companies collect and analyze user feedback through customizable tests that collect specific segmented feedback that companies can then act on report information to further their product goals.

Tools for the Modern Business (Part 2)


* NetToons, Inc.'s Tooncast reactor – a cloud-computing SaaS platform and application suite that creates new opportunities for media companies and brands to leverage their fans in creating and distributing brand-safe, professional-quality animations across three screens, from smartphones to the open Internet to CATV.

* Supercool School – an online school platform that lets people create customized education environments for live online learning.

* Sutus, Inc.'s Business Central 1600 – an all-in-one solution that provides small businesses or larger businesses with multiple small offices with the communication and IT tools they need, including voice, data, networking, security and business applications.

* Teneros, Inc.'s Social Sentry – a solution that provides granular, real-time tracking of employee activity on social networks to enable businesses to eliminate significant corporate risks related to compliance, leakage of sensitive information, HR issues, legal exposure and brand damage.

* VenueGen – a browser-based 3D virtual meeting platform where business colleagues meet and collaborate, creating shared experiences that lead to faster learning and business actions.

* Widgetbox's ClickTurn Ad Builder – an advertising tool that allows brands to create and flight customized content ads that leverage their conversational marketing and appeal to users, resulting in 6-8x increases in click-through and engagement rates.

* Tastr, Inc.'s Xpenser – a mobile time, receipt, and expense management solution that records items from any device, anywhere, anytime, using simple natural language.

* VIC Wave, Inc. – a hybrid Web/phone service that brings free inbound calls to enterprise SMBs from anywhere on the Internet.

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DEMO Explores Funding Landscape of Enterprise and Consumer Technologies

On Tuesday afternoon, the final series of DEMOfocus panel sessions took place, focusing on both enterprise and consumer technology categories and the specific funding challenges and opportunities that exist within each today. Moderated by Matt Marshall, DEMO's executive producer and VentureBeat's editor-in-chief, today's discussions included: