DEMOfall ’06 Conference Celebrates Simplicity and Sophistication; Tech Industry in Economic Upswing; Innovation Abounds

SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 26 2006 – DEMOfall '06 Conference — Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer, opened the DEMOfall '06 conference today noting the transition in the technology industry from a six-year period of post-bubble recovery to an economically strong and innovation rich marketplace. Over the course of two days, the DEMOfall '06 audience of analysts, investors, journalists, and executives will witness the introduction of 67 market-changing technologies and discover the newest ideas in consumer and enterprise computing.

In her keynote, Shipley also called out the major emerging technology trends that will take the DEMOfall stage during the conference:

— digital content creation, collection and management,

— Internet customization and search,

— applications that extend the functionality of mobile phones,

— telecom in the age of VoIP,

— online security advancements, and

— platforms that ease application development and deployment.

"Simplicity is in," said Shipley, commenting on the recent rise of easy- to-use hardware and software products. "DEMOfall demonstrators exemplify the types of elegant user interfaces, fundamentally useful concepts, and all around feel-good business models that are bound to be the foundations for the next wave of computing. In this post-bubble economy, these elements are critical to building smart and lasting companies."

Since the inaugural DEMO conference in 1991, the conference has focused intensely on the products — not the marketing behind them. DEMOfall '06 kicked off with a look at five smart new ideas, all selected for their beautiful design and easy-to-use experience.

— Dash Navigation, Inc. — Dash Navigator delivers real-time, relevant

information to the car dashboard, saving users time on the road.

— Tribeca Labs, Inc. — Photobot is the first zero-click, automatic

photo-correction and photo-finishing software program.

— Pluggd, Inc. — HearHere allows users to jump to the content they want

to hear in an audio or video file.

— Presto – Presto Service and the HP Printing Mailbox together deliver

digital content to those who do not use a computer or who prefer to

receive email, digital photos and more via traditional mail.

— RingCube, Inc. — MojoPac allows consumers to carry the contents of an

entire PC on any portable storage device, giving them the power to turn

any computer into their personal computer.

Business computing tools are always a major element at each DEMO event. Shipley invited these companies to take the stage this morning in order to demonstrate services that simplify and enrich the at-work computing experience:

— ThinkFree, Inc. — ThinkFree AJAX Edition is an office applications

suite that allows users to create documents based on templates, track

changes from collaborators, and manage, view and roll back changes from

previous versions.

— Koral, Inc. — Koral is an enterprise content management solution for

the business Web that spans email, desktop folders, and corporate LANs.

— Serebrum Corp. — Axon is enterprise collaboration and content

management software based on and extending the wiki concept of

information sharing.

— BuzzLogic, Inc. — BuzzLogic is search and analytics software that

measures influence within the social media space such as blogs, wikis

and forums.

Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM Incorporated, delivered an address to the DEMOfall audience that encapsulates his thinking about the future of wireless mobility, its convergence with computing and content and how it will drive changes in social networking and how we experience our lives. "The wireless Internet will have a greater impact on the world than the wired Internet. Cellphones have become the single electronic device that people carry with them all the time. Worldwide, cellphones have changed the way that people communicate and, with the integration of consumer electronics functions, high- bandwidth network connectivity and software platforms, they have the potential to rapidly change the way people are entertained, compute, manage their personal data and take care of themselves," Dr. Jacobs stated.

DEMOfall's afternoon general session hosted a continuing conversation about the mobile future. DEMOfall demonstrators launched onstage a series of applications and development platforms for the most ubiquitous of mobile devices: the cell phone. Emerging technology demonstrations included:

— PixSense, Inc. — PixSense M3 automatically uploads digital media clips

from mobile phones online for storing, editing and sharing.

— 4INFO, Inc. — 4INFO Mobile Open Platform allows consumers to search,

discover and receive information on their cell phones.

— Eyespot Corp. — Eyespot Mobile Share is the first download-free online