DEMOfall 07 Conference Celebrates Entrepreneurial Spirit

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 26, 2007 – Producers of the award-winning DEMO conference series ushered in a new era of computing this week at the DEMOfall 07 conference. Recognizing the effect of social influence on all aspects of technology design, adoption, and use, DEMO Executive Producer Chris Shipley selected and shepherded 69 new products and innovations into the public eye.

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"DEMO's promise is to identify market-changing products across the broad spectrum of information technology, from slick Web 2.0 consumer sites to enterprise infrastructure technologies that support a rapidly-changing computing dynamic," said Shipley. "The 69 companies that unveiled new products this week at DEMOfall represent advancement across that wide horizon, and DEMO is honored to support their market debut."

The semi-annual DEMO conferences provide a look at the short and long term future of the technology industry. DEMO helps cut down the legwork of researching emerging technologies, companies and ideas, delivering the most well-vetted and launch-ready products of the season.

Products debuting today included:

— tools for organizing and preparing meetings;

— enterprise class software for small businesses;

— new methods for creating, sharing, storing and consuming content;

— technologies that refine and perfect online search;

— products that bring trust and authenticity to the Web;

— services that explore the future of customer marketing; and

— mobile technologies that fuel and support our daily demand for


"Today's program focused on some of the most difficult and most critical aspects of computing in the 21st century: security and authentication online, search tools for the vast amount of data proliferating on the Internet, and services that help us be more effective and efficient on mobile devices," continued Shipley. "The smarts and ingenuity displayed in today's product introductions are sure to significantly alter the ways in which we interact with technology in the future."

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Meeting Management

— Vello – The conference calling system that calls you – no more dial-in

numbers, passcodes, or waiting for meetings to begin.

— Tubes Networks' Tubes – makes data sharing and synchronization simple,

while wrapping the product in a rich publishing and payments model that

is a win for consumers and for Tubes itself.

— Yuuguu – employs an IM metaphor for instantly sharing your computer

screen in real-time with anyone, anywhere for free.

— Prolify – team collaboration software that sits on top of Outlook and

funnels all discussion and activity through email, the application

already used most frequently.

Small Business Solutions

— AgendiZe's AgendiZeMe – simplifies the process of extracting

information from the Web and sharing it or saving it to different

devices, to assist with the critical "last mile."

— PlanHQ – a Web-based service to track business plan execution, where

team members are held accountable for achieving targets.

Content Creation and Delivery Tools

— Real Time Content's Adaptive Media version 1.0 – a flexible platform

that lets media sites efficiently create and distribute digital content

by taking the drudgery out of targeting media to variable client


— Generate's g8 Toolbar – dynamically extracts information from Web pages

and sends to users as personalized, comprehensive, and contextual


— mSpoke's FeedHub – intelligently sorts through content to create an

individualized RSS feed that selects the most relevant posts from a set

of feed sources.

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