DEMOfall 07 Conference Looks at Social Influence; Program Focuses on Video, Aggregated Online Knowledge, Community Tools, the Tech Infrastructure of Tomorrow, and More; 69 Significant Technology Products Debut

SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 25, 2007 – Following a packed, high-energy welcome reception last night, the tech industry's elite DEMOfall conference kicked off this morning with a state-of-the-industry address given by Chris Shipley, analyst and DEMO executive producer.

"This year, we can see clearly that the rapid distribution of computing power, content and creation has set off a sea change not just in computing power but also in social influence," stated Shipley. "This influence is evident in every aspect of the DEMOfall program, from the infrastructure and enabling technologies that power this change to the new applications that empower businesses and individuals."

Now in its 17th year, the biannual DEMO conferences are known for seeking out and showcasing important new technologies from across the spectrum of the tech industry that will usher in new methods of computing. This year's DEMOfall debuts include everything from a fast and accurate method for conducting online data searches on mobile phones to a biorhythm feedback "game" for reducing stress.

By the time DEMOfall closes on Wednesday night, 69 new technologies will have launched from the conference stage. Today's introductions included technologies for:

— enhancing, discovering and engaging with video content;

— aggregating the collective knowledge of the many individuals online;

— taking gaming to new levels;

— building and supporting the infrastructure for today's — and

tomorrow's — tech advancements;

— aiding creative self-expression on the Web; and

— adding geo-spatial context to the Web.

"The products at DEMOfall are as varied as the niche markets within the tech industry itself," said Shipley. "I believe that a complete picture of the industry better informs decisions in every sector of the market. This approach also provides for the serendipity of insight and inspiration."

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Video Product Introductions

— Digital Fountain Content Delivery Network for Streaming Video —

provides an immediate, full-screen, TV-quality experience,

significantly improving the way people watch video over the Internet.

— MotionDSP's — enables consumers to simply and

dramatically improve videos uploaded from mobile phones, digital

cameras, and webcams.

— MetaRADAR's RADAR — a new software platform that brings together the

best in rich media content navigation, discovery and social


— Proxure's Filmaroo — automatically collects, converts, publishes, and

distributes your video content to your circle of family, friends, and

paying subscribers.

The Wisdom of Many, Many Individuals

— Diigo, Inc.'s Diigo — enables seamless bookmarking, highlighting,

clipping, sharing, discussions and retrieval of information online,

delivering a new level of productivity.

— RelevantMind, Corp.'s RelevantMind — mines human discussions online

to help answer the key question: "What should I buy?" in distinct

vertical categories.

— Fluid Innovation's Virtual Ventures — using a game metaphor, people

can become virtual VCs in this prediction market community that bets

on enterprise innovations.

Gaming Technologies

— Vyro Games' PIP — a stress management tool that uses biofeedback to

control game play.

— Ncursion's — Facebook's first MMORPG (Massive

Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Infrastructure Product Introductions

— Jasper Wireless's Global M2M Wireless Service — provides GSM data

communications to machine devices in over 35 countries around the