DEMOfall 08 Kicks Off Successfully as 72 Products Begin Their Launches on Center-Stage; Program Focuses on Mobile Devices, Security, Music, Green Tech, Television and More

SAN DIEGO, CA – SEPTEMBER 8, 2008 — DEMOfall 08 kicked off this morning without a glitch as Chris Shipley, emerging technology analyst and DEMO executive producer, noted that the technology industry is moving into a new cycle.

"In this next phase, we take the community of Web 2.0 and hone it into a sharper weapon. One that supports collaboration for a purpose, be it business or social. One that delivers information in anticipation of interests and needs. One that reaches beyond the elite early adopters to capture the imaginations and fulfill the desires of people whose lives are focused on the every day takes of work and family, of information and entertainment," Shipley said to a packed audience of more than 900. "We are embarking on a new cycle, a new phase, a new period for growth, supported by real business models that hold up in both good and challenging economic cycles."

Beginning its 19th year and Shipley's 23rd event, the DEMO conferences are launch pads for the industry's biggest and brightest technologies. This year's product debuts include everything from a collaborative pen technology, a gadget that turns private cars into a public transport network, to a service that captures the marketing spin in your online news.

Over the next two days, the DEMOfall 08 stage will showcase 72 never-seen before, new technologies that will change the technology landscape. Today's introductions included technologies designed for:

— Reducing our impact on the planet

— Communicating across networks, platforms and devices

— Bringing social networks and sharing to a new generation of users

— Securing email and documents whether at work or at home

"As we select companies for DEMO, we look for products that will have profound impact across the board. We highlight technologies that will impact the way we work and play in our everyday lives; that have the ability to impact our present and future in extreme ways," Shipley said. "Attendees will experience products this week that will be household names in the coming years. They will have a chance to visualize where the industry is going and meet the people that are going to make it happen."

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Moving the Chains

— Adapx Inc.'s Capturx Forms for Excel – a pen technology combining

workflow understanding with ink capture technology.

— – a cross-channel reminder and alerting service for emails

SMS and voice

— Telnic, Ltd. .tel – new domain for the storing, securing and

publishing of contact information

Television meets the Web: Web meets the Television

— Awind Inc. mobiShow – a wireless solution for the migration of PC and

Smart-Phone application to TV.

— beeTV – content discovery guide that pushes content suggestions to the

viewers in a channel-like format from TV, Mobile and PC.

— InvisionTV LLC Invision.TV – delivers program guides for Internet


Words, Pictures and Music

— Trinity Convergence, Inc. Gloop(TM) Digital Photo Sharing Technology –

Peer-to-peer photo sharing through a digital picture frame.

— Kadoo, Inc. – social sharing platform for links, photos, and videos

with integrated storage, calendar, group functionality and printing


— Phototrade, LLC – visual marketplace for photographers, advertisers

and Web publishers.

Your Mobile, Your Life

— SpinSpotter – browser-based service for surfacing instances of bias

and inaccuracy in news stories.

— Asyncast Corp Rocketron – a mobile service that allows users to hear

and comment on news.

— Clintworld Clintview – financial simulation software to support,

optimize and accelerate tariff-related processes and requirements.

— WebDiet, Inc. – location-based service that recommends what to eat,

when and where and when you are on the road.

— Xumii, Inc. – a social address book for mobile phones with text, chat,

groups and walls.

Open Studios: Designing, Building, Working Together

— Sim Ops Studios, Inc. Wild Pockets – web-based, collaborative platform