DEMOfall 09 Showcases Significant New Emerging Technologies; Program Focuses on Advancements that Connect People Virtually, New Communication and Scheduling Tools, Fun Consumer Products and Services, Innovative Mobile Applications, Tools to Help Manage Finances, and More

SAN DIEGO, CA. – September 22, 2009 – The technology industry's elite DEMOfall 09 conference kicked off this morning with a state-of-the-industry address given one final time by Chris Shipley, DEMO's executive producer, who was also joined by Matt Marshall, co-executive producer. Now in its 19th year, the semi-annual DEMO conferences are launch pad events for the newest and best products in emerging technology, and this year's DEMOfall is no exception. Over the next two days, the DEMOfall 09 stage will host the launch of 56 demonstrators' new technologies as well as 14 early stage and pre-launch mode AlphaPitch companies, a brand-new program debuting at the conference.

DEMOfall 09 was watched live powered by BitGravity by viewers throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa including major innovation centers like India, Japan, China, India and Israel as well as Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, and dozens of other countries. The live stream expands the world-famous DEMO networking event's reach of this year's demonstrator participants to a global audience. The conference will be streamed live beginning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, September 23, at[].

"I am both encouraged and inspired by the dynamic, exceptional group of companies debuting here, despite the range of economic challenges we are facing on a global scale," said Matt Marshall, Co-Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. "I see endless possibilities for the array of innovation coming out of here, both from demonstrators and AlphaPitch companies."

This year's DEMOfall product debuts include everything from a mobile application helping online dating users validate their online interactions to a next-generation mobile navigation application to an onsite, at-work kiosk offering financial services to an online "life recorder" compiling all communications in one place. Today's introductions included technologies designed for:

— Delivering advancements with new communication and meeting tools;

— Helping people manage their personal and business relationships as well

as streamline online communication and scheduling;

— Increasing advancements in consumer technology possibilities; and

— Keeping people both online and off safe and protected in today's

changing world.

Highlights from today's technology introductions include:

Technologies that Create Virtual Spaces

— Hewlett-Packard's HP SkyRoom – affordable HD-quality

videoconferencing software with full collaboration for instant

face-to-face meetings.

— Micello, Inc. – Google Maps inside a building. We provide maps of

interesting places that people visit: shopping malls, convention

centers, college campuses, theme parks, stadiums, and many more, and

allow our users to navigate and explore these places right from their

mobile phone.

— Third Iris Corporation's VIAAS – a video-surveillance tool with the

simplicity, functionality, and TCO advantages of SaaS, including

real-time streaming, archive access, and more.

— Fuze Box, Inc.'s Fuze Meeting – the only cloud-based collaboration

technology to combine high-definition content, social contact

integration and mobile technology to deliver a real-time meeting


— TravelTrac – smartphone remote mobile applications supported by

automatic Web hosting tools that enable travelers to share their global

adventures "as they happen".

Tools that Keep People Connected

— Corporation – a first-of-its-kind property

management service website that works through a centralized server,

delivering software as a service online.

— WhoDoYouKnowAt, LLC – a service that helps people leverage their

relationships for personal, business or civic gain with a private

networking application the user controls.

— Lunchster, LLC – an application that helps people stay in touch with

nearby friends by automatically scheduling lunches and seamlessly

integrating with Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.

— Tungle Corporation's Tungle for iPhone – an iPhone application that

allows people to share calendars, see who is free, overlay schedules to

find ideal meeting times and more, regardless of others' calendar


— Rseven Mobile, Inc. – a "life recorder" that aggregates from a