DEMOmobile 2001 Closes With Focus on the Two Rs: Revenue and Return

SAN MATEO, CA – SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 — DEMOmobile 2001, the leading product and technology conference focused on the mobile and wireless market, concluded Friday with center-stage conversations with three of the individuals responsible for shaping the future of the handheld computer market: Satjiv S.Chahill, Chief Marketing Officer for Palm Computing, Joe Sipher, Vice President of Product Marketing at Handspring, and Ben Waldman, Vice President of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. In separate and wide-ranging discussions, these three shared their thoughts on future products and new models in the emerging wireless market.


Among the highlights of those discussions:

— Palm Computing intends to re-energize the so-called Palm Economy through a renewed focus on enterprise solutions in key vertical markets, including healthcare, banking and manufacturing.

— Handspring is putting greater emphasis on wireless communications and hinted that the company will likely announce an integrated wireless product before the end of the year.

— Microsoft cited market data showing that the PocketPC is gaining ground in the U.S. and Europe, particularly as the mobile device deployed for enterprise applications.

The convergence of entertainment, youth and wireless technology was another topic of discussion at the conference. Thomas Dolby Robertson demonstrated new technology from Beatnik that brings quality digital music to mobile cellular devices. Amy Francetic, a senior strategist with Cheskin, shared the newly released research, "The Wireless Future: A Look at Youth Unplugged."

Among the findings in this report:

— That social connectivity and entertainment will be the defining characteristics of wireless devices in the youth market.

— That multitasking capabilities will flourish among youth.

— That personalization, design and customizable user interface are extremely important to this market segment.

— That entertainment will drive the development of products and services in the wireless market.

Producers Chris Shipley and Jim Forbes discussed the next wave of companies, leaders, winners and losers with panelists Ann Zeichner, General Partner, Blueprint Ventures; Michael Rolnick, Partner, ComVentures, and Tony Abate, General Partner, Battery Ventures. These investors agreed that the technology market experience "a nuclear winter," but that it will turn around. "The markets are driven by two forces: fear and greed. Fear is ethereal. Greed is everlasting. So greed will be back," Abate joked.

With the close of the conference, the producers honored six companies for their outstanding presentations. Chosen for their style, passion, and clarity, these DEMO Gods(TM) have a unique ability to spot a great product and position it in the market, to show off it's most compelling features, differentiate it

from other products — and along the way entertain a tough and critical DEMOmobile audience. Congratulations to: Danger, Inc.; Copytalk; ArcStream; WideRay; Voice Signal Technology, and LapLink.

Sponsor at DEMOmobile 2001

Sponsors of DEMOmobile 2001 are Atheros, Cisco, Computerworld, InfoWorld, Microsoft, NEC, Newbury Networks, Nokia Venture Partners, PR Newswire and Sprint PCS.

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