Developer Program Budgets to Increase for Software Vendors, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MA – APRIL 28, 2003 – Software vendors will increase their developer program budgets by 20% or more over the next two to three years, according to IDC. This projected increase indicates that developer programs are perceived as an important part of attaining revenue and market share targets, especially with the rise of developer populations in emerging technology markets such as Asia/Pacific.


"Developer programs are an important mechanism for encouraging and supporting the efforts of developers to learn, adopt, and adapt a vendor's technologies. However if vendors cannot measure the true impact of their developer programs, it is difficult to establish the optimal level of program investment," said Marilyn Carr, research manager, Global Software Partnering and Alliances at IDC. "At the same time, having a developer program is simply the price of admission for software vendors that are serious about courting developers. The only question is how much to spend."

Vendors need to understand about the intersection between their developer population and those of other software vendors in order to assess the effectiveness of their developer outreach, evangelism, and support activities. Ultimately, it is the commitment of developers to particular platforms, tools, and applications and their willingness to develop on, integrate, and support them that indicates success.

In early 2003, IDC conducted in-depth interviews with the nine companies within the top 35 software vendors (by revenue) that currently have programs for individual developers. IDC's recently published market analysis, Worldwide Developer Program Investment 2003-2007 (IDC #29168), forecasts the aggregate investment in programs for individual developers from 2003 through 2007 for these nine software vendors. It includes an analysis of the percentage of software revenue invested in comparison to the size of the program budgets, and shows the range of investment across the companies included in the analysis. Additionally, it provides guidance for vendors who would like to use this forecast and analysis to benchmark their own developer program investment.

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