Digital TV at the Heart of Convergence in the European Communications Market, IDC Says

LONDON – JUNE 18, 2001 – According to IDC, there are now over 28 million subscribers to digital television (DTV) services across Western Europe, and by 2005, this number will rise to almost 80 million. Satellite operators currently continue to dominate, although cable and terrestrial show signs of presenting a challenge in the next five years in certain countries.


"DTV is central to current debates over the future of the communications industry," said Nicky Walton, research analyst with IDC’s European Telecommunications Services program. "It lies at the heart of convergence trends, namely between networks, platforms and the ways in which consumers use them, and the content transmitted over them. Moreover, it’s likely to be the most pervasive converged technology for a number of years. Broadcasting has a cultural importance that is different to telecommunications and other forms of content delivery as it is far more ubiquitous and influential. The development of DTV will have a fundamental impact on economic policy decisions, the speed of DTV deployment, and social and media policy issues relating to the production and deployment of indigenous content."

The rapid changes occurring in the converging broadcasting and communications markets are moving faster than regulation can keep up and as such are forcing massive change on market competition and thus on local and national regulatory bodies. As convergence continues to accelerate, the complexity and potential for confusion will only increase unless the regulatory system is adapted to accommodate the digital environment, thus enabling national and local regulators to respond to these fast-changing circumstances.

"DTV will ultimately enable cable operators to act as service providers or packagers of content and market it directly to their subscriber base. The type of industries involved in the DTV arena has shifted in the last five years. The next five years will witness more important changes in terms of mergers, acquisitions, and cross-media consolidation between telephone companies, cable television companies, Internet service providers, broadcast TV networks, content providers, utility companies, and mobile operators," Walton said.

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