Dissatisfied: IT Customers Give Poor Marks to Leading Enterprise Software Vendors

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – (BUSINESS WIRE) MAY 24, 2004 – Enterprise software makers including Microsoft, Oracle and Peoplesoft seriously lag behind hardware suppliers HP and IBM when it comes to satisfying IT professionals and business executives who use their products, according to a recent study of 10 leading enterprise IT vendors by IDG's Computerworld, the "Voice of IT Management," and the InterUnity Group, a Concord-Mass.-based consultancy. The results of the Computerworld and InterUnity Group "Customer Satisfaction Survey" will be published in the May 24th issue of Computerworld and online at Computerworld.com.

Conducted in April, the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" polled nearly 1,200 managers and executives on their experience with 10 of the top enterprise IT vendors, including Computer Associates, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP and Sun Microsystems. Survey respondents – 46.6 percent of whom held positions at the director level or higher – were asked a series of questions that covered eight categories: product quality, product reliability, contribution to profitability, upgrade policies, licensing policies, customer service and meeting expectations.

"Our comprehensive survey indicates that some of the world's best-known providers of enterprise software could be doing a better job at meeting customer demands and supporting users' business objectives," said Maryfran Johnson, editor in chief of Computerworld. "IT executives weigh multiple factors – from business performance to product reliability – when purchasing technology, and vendors must do the same to keep customers satisfied." In the eyes of managers polled, hardware providers HP, IBM and Dell rated as the best enterprise IT vendors for customer satisfaction. This was in stark contrast to leading software vendors, three of which – Computer Associates, Peoplesoft and SAP – ranked as the bottom three companies in the survey. Overall, survey respondents ranked the vendors in the following order:

1. HP

2. IBM

3. Dell

4. Sun Microsystems

5. Oracle

6. EMC

7. Microsoft

8. Computer Associates

9. Peoplesoft

10. SAP

"The most successful vendors are doing a wonderful job of partnering with their customers," said Richard Sneider, a Director of the InterUnity Group. "According to the survey, customers of those vendors are more loyal and are less likely to be looking for a replacement over the next three years."

If you would like to speak with Maryfran Johnson about the implications of this survey, please contact Colin Longval, Marenghi Public Relations, at (781) 915-5014. The results of the survey and further details about its methodology are available at www.computerworld.com/satisfaction.

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