Document Scanning Used to Streamline Business Processes, According to IDC Study 

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 2, 2011 – Crushed beneath a debilitating avalanche of paper, many mid-size and large U.S.-based businesses are adjusting their processes and adopting scanning as a more streamlined way of creating, capturing, and integrating documents within their organizations. According to new survey findings from International Data Corporation (IDC), scan volume continues to rise with most business processes growing scan volumes by 17-29% in 2010 and an additional 17-20% in 2011.

Findings from this recently completed survey are now available in a comprehensive IDC multiclient study entitled Document Image Capture: Sustaining Market Growth during Evolving Times. The study examines the business processes organizations have adopted to convert from archaic paper environments to more streamlined digital solutions and the technologies utilized.

"There's definitely a shift underway that will put much more emphasis on scanned, digitally captured documents," said Ron Glaz, program director, Digital Imaging Solutions and Services. "But, like most changes in established business processes, the move will be relatively slow and somewhat deliberate as organizations struggle to become more comfortable and confident with these emerging solutions."

This study disproves the general perception that document scanning tends to focus on data extraction and integration within the business process. In fact, the integration of content extracted from scanned documents into ECM, ERP, and CRM solutions is being utilized at a much lower rate than processes that focus on sharing, collaboration, and archiving. "Most companies do not have a good understanding of the current state of intelligent data capture and how to implement it in the most effective and efficient way. There is a strong opportunity to educate the market on the value of intelligent data capture," Glaz added.

Additional findings from the IDC study include the following:

Scan volumes grew in the past year and will continue to grow in the coming year

Scanned document volumes will not decline during the next five years

Outsourcing is driven by companies' desire to reduce costs associated with scanning, labor, and storage – 25% of respondents will outsource these processes in the next 12 months

As the volume of documents scanned increases, demand for scanning devices grows

Seventy-two percent of respondent companies identified accounting documents as those that are or will be scanned; another 66% identified human resource documents

The IDC multiclient study, Document Image Capture: Sustaining Market Growth during Evolving Times, provides in-depth analysis of the best scanning opportunities for specific business processes, market drivers and inhibitors, and market sizing and revenue opportunities. Findings come from an Internet survey of 800 mid-size and large companies, and was focused on U.S. IT and operation managers responsible for document image capture processes where scanning is an integral part of the business process workflow.

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