e-BizChain Wins ‘Best of Supply Chain Management’ Award at IDG World’s Internet Commerce Expo

PLEASANTON, CALIF — SEPT. 20, 2000 — e-BizChain Inc., a leading enterprise supply chain solutions provider, today announced it has received the "Best of" award for Supply Chain Management solutions at IDG World Expo's Internet Commerce Expo (ICe) 2000 in San Jose, California.

The e-BizChain product line is an advanced XML/EDI solution that dynamically links buying and supplying organizations over the Internet. e-BizChain solutions use a single hosted platform to connect and automate supply chain fulfillment transactions between trading partners of all sizes and capabilities. e-BizChain includes the best of new web technologies married to the proven robustness of established structured supply chain transactions.

"This is a time of dynamic change for all parts of the supply chain. The e-BizChain hosted solution addresses the challenge of getting trading partners of all sizes together in a supply chain fulfillment community, while preserving the value of existing systems such as EDI. We are extremely pleased that e-BizChain is recognized by independent industry experts as a breakthrough in this area," said Jeff Viehmeyer, Marketing & Alliances Manager, e-BizChain, Inc.

"Building upon a rich tradition of being the platform for introducing cutting-edge products into the marketplace, the companies recognized in the `Best of' Awards have clearly distinguished themselves by providing innovative, useful products and services to the Internet Commerce community," said Rob Scheschareg, vice president of IDG World Expo. "We're proud to bring together so many leaders in our industry, and these awards are milestones in the fast-paced, technological world we live in."

The San Jose ICe show attracted thousands of senior executives, Internet entrepreneurs, and IT management, to see over 175 top-tier companies unveiling the newest, state-of-the-art e-commerce products and services.

About e-BizChain Inc.

e-BizChain Inc. is a rapidly growing provider of advanced XML/EDI solutions that dynamically link buying and supplying organizations over the Internet e-BizChain(TM) solutions integrate and automate supply chain fulfillment transactions between trading partners of all sizes and capabilities through a single hosted platform. By leveraging and extending the functionality of existing ERP, EDI, and other legacy systems, e-BizChain preserves investment, while enabling all links in a trading network to become e-Business enabled. e-BizChain increases efficiency, reduces cost, and requires no additional software or hardware. For more information, visit http://www.e-bizchain.com, or contact Jeff Viehmeyer, e-BizChain Inc., Pleasanton, CA ph. 925/847-4105, jviehmeyer@intraglobe.com.