eBusiness Is Key to Sustaining $5.3 Trillion in eCommerce by 2005, IDC Experts Say

FRAMINGHAM, MA, APRIL 24, 2001 – The Internet economy is alive and well, according to IDC, the industry’s foremost technology market intelligence and advisory firm. While this is a view that is contrary to the doom and gloom of today’s news, IDC’s worldwide research and expert analysis of the market forces, trends, and ebusiness spending forecasts tell a different story, one of a $5.3 trillion impact on the worldwide economy by 2005. Source: IDC Internet Commerce Market Model, 2001


While acknowledging the volatility in the market, IDC sees continued investment in Internet-related spending. "The burst of the dot-com bubble signals the beginning of a long evolution in the worldwide economy, but it’s certainly not the end of the Internet economy," said Gigi Wang, IDC’s senior vice president of Communications and Internet research. "Although the effects of the market changes are obvious, the underlying dynamics show that dramatic growth in ebusiness investment and returns will continue."

IDC analysts predict the ebusiness opportunity to support this commerce is a key contributor to the overall growth and economic impact of the Internet. To help companies understand the trends, risks, and opportunities of competing in the new economy, IDC is bringing its world-class eBusiness Advisor research services to the next level through 15 industry programs and 3 cross-industry programs.

IDC’s enhanced eBusiness Advisor research represents some of the most comprehensive ebusiness market intelligence and advisory services available and serves business executives in the following industry segments with unparalleled breadth and depth:

· Online Financial Services

· eBanking

· eInsurance

· eInvesting

· eLending

· Business Services

· Corporate eLearning

· eConsulting

· eCustomer Care Services

· eGlobalization and Localization Services

· eHuman Resources

· eLogistics

· eMarketing Services

· eRecruiting

· Online Retail Services

· eAuto

· eRetail

· eTravel

· Cross-Industry Programs

· B2B and eMarketplaces

· Internet Economy

· Mobile eBusinessIDC is already helping many of today’s leading executives position their companies for the Internet economy and implement winning market strategies through its eBusiness Advisor programs. These programs are led by the most experienced professional analysts in the industry and have their foundation in IDC’s best-in-class research and forecast methodology, developed and refined over the company’s 37-year history as the foremost technology market intelligence firm.

In addition, IDC studies markets on a global, regional, and local basis, with more than half of IDC’s 700 analysts and technology experts working outside the United States in 43 countries. Many of the eBusiness Advisor programs examine these markets and offer specific regional or local insight.

For more information about IDC's eBusiness Advisor research programs or any of the U.S.-based reports and services, please contact Jill Toole, Market Development Manager, at 508-988-6915 or jtoole@idc.com, or Jon Guloyan, Market Development Director, at 508-935-4296 or jguloyan@idc.com. For information on regional ebusiness studies and services outside of the United States, please contact your local IDC office.

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