eMediaweekly Now Managed at IDG List Services

Framingham, MA: IDG Communications List Services announces the management of the eMediaweekly* subscriber list, effective April 1, 1999.

eMediaweekly was the only weekly news publication dedicated exclusively to meet the information needs of digital media managers. These 93,000 professionals needed to keep current with the changing technology of designing digital content, whether it was done on traditional publishing platforms, multimedia, interactive media or the Web.

The base cost for the list is $200/M with a minimum of 5,000 names. A non-computer-related rate is available for $100/M.

Extra selection charges are: Job Function; Primary Business Activity; Geographic; Does Location Retail, Resell, Distribute or Function as Consultant for Computer-Related Products or Services, Gender and Home/Business – $10.00/M extra. System and/or Application Software Installed at Location; Systems Installed or Planned for Purchase at Location; Type of Servers at Location and How Many Systems Involved in Purchasing Involvement; System Application at Location; Number of LANs; Value of Products or Services Sold, Resold, Distributed or Recommended at the Location – $25.00/M extra. Worth of Host Systems, Desktops, Networking Products, Internet, Intranet, Peripheral Equipment, Software and Services Purchased; Products Specify, Recommend, Buy or Approve the Purchase of and Systems and/or Application Software Specified, Recommended, Buy or Approve the Purchase of – $35.00/M extra.

Plus telephone numbers are now available for an additional $50.00/M.

DonÕt miss this opportunity to rent these unique professionals that drive digital media. Whether it is hardware, software, a web design seminar or a computer catalog, eMediaweekly is a perfect choice.

* Ceased publication February 1, 1999