Emergence of Coherent Information Environments Will Alleviate the IT Complexity Crisis, Says IDC

FRAMINGHAM, MA – OCTOBER 7, 2003 – According to IDC, CyberSmart Computing is becoming a reality. The now well-established usage paradigm, that makes computer functionality and information transparently available anywhere on any device from any system, is being combined with other emerging characteristics of complex computer configurations, resulting in what IDC calls a coherent information environment (CIE).

"IT organizations are becoming so overwhelmed by the complexity of their environments, that many are reluctant to incorporate significant new components or even extend or upgrade their existing IT configurations," said Carl Olofson, research director for IDC's Information Management and Data Integration service. "The coherent information environment will enable IT to address business issues and objectives in a flexible and straightforward manner without complex procedures and the need for arcane technical expertise."

With the advent of the CyberSmart Computing paradigm, it has become possible for information systems to interoperate as never before. All of this is being done in response to user complaints that their systems, with their mixture of hardware environments, are too complex, too arcane, and too brittle to manage effectively.

A coalescence of work is now underway to develop capabilities in systems, storage, and software that will enable application deployment and information access and make physical system, geography, operating system, and data format details irrelevant for both IT professionals and users. Architectural elements being used to build such an environment include virtual processing software and grid computing.

Olofson added, "Such an environment will be nimble enough to meet the needs of the agile enterprise and will bring all of an organization's information assets to bear in executing its mission. The coherent information environment will also require a concentration of IT resource integration and management on a virtual platform, the provider of which must provide the full range of manageable, secure, integrated functionality, driven by Web services and flexibly enabled by grid computing."

IDC's recently report, The Coherent Information Environment: Overview and Software Architectural Elements for the CyberSmart Computing Platform (IDC #29918), examines the coherent information environment phenomenon, providing in-depth analysis of current market pressures, industry dynamics, and key trends that are shaping the response to the complexity crisis. Essential guidance for hardware, software and services vendors is also provided.

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