Employees Value Quality Of Life Over Bigger Paychecks According To Network World’s IT Salary Survey

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA – JULY 25, 2001 — Network World, the leading network news publication for IT professionals, has released its annual salary survey, revealing that IT professionals value personal time more than salary, bonuses and stock options. "There's more to life than money" has become the mantra among IT professionals these days and flexible hours and job security have become more important than big paychecks. The percentage of people casually exploring job opportunities also dropped from 43% in 2000 to 36% this year and employees actively seeking jobs dropped 2%. Notably, when asked to rank the most important reasons to change jobs, respondents cited the "challenge of the work", and "access to new technologies" along with "compensation and benefits" as critical factors. Full survey results, as well as an interactive Salary Calculator, are available online at Network World Fusion, (http://www.nwfusion.com).


The survey of nearly 1,700 respondents, conducted by STAT Resources of Brookline, MA, for Network World, also revealed the following information:

Paychecks continue to grow: IT salaries have increased overall by 7%, similar to last year but 3.6% more than the national average for all job categories. While bonuses also increased this year, they grew less than they had the previous year (up 11%, vs. a 28% increase in 2000) and stock and stock options showed no increase.

The Rich Get Richer: While it may be lonely at the top, the pay sure is better. CIOs, senior vice presidents, and MIS/IT/IS directors saw their total compensation move up by 12% this year (vs. the 7% overall compensation increase among network professionals), from an average $120,400 to $135,100. Compare that with the typical network executive who will make $77,900 this year.

Certification Counts: The survey shows that technical certifications from companies such as Cisco, Oracle, and Novell, can boost a person's earnings substantially. The average base salary for a Cisco Certified Internet Expert is 40% higher than the base salary without a certification.

Web and E-Commerce Pay Better: Among IT professionals, the better paying management jobs are in the Web and e-commerce areas, where managers are averaging $102,300 vs. LAN/WAN managers who earn $71,500.

The Coast Earns the Most: New England, the Pacific Coast, and the South-Atlantic region are higher-paying areas, on average, than interior sections (though the higher cost of living may balance out the equation). Average base salary in New England is $82,700 for network professionals, vs. $65,400 in Ohio, for example.

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