Enterprise Serverware Market Achieves an Impressive 86.4 Percent Growth in 1998, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 14, 1999 — IDC estimates worldwide revenue for all categories of Serverware, independent system software that extends, coordinates, or "virtualizes" the resources provided by interconnected servers, grew 86.4 percent between 1997 and 1998. Each of Serverware’s secondary markets experienced significant growth between 1997 and 1998. "IDC expects that this software will be increasingly important as organizations attempt to use the complex distributed environments they’ve built upon Linux, Netware, OpenVMS, OS/2, OS/390, OS/400, Unix, and Windows NT Server," said Dan Kusnetzky, director, Operating Environments and Serverware.

The Enterprise Serverware, 1998 Year in Review bulletin reviews the total revenue data and provides analysis for all segments of the serverware software market including all serverware secondary markets, operating environment platforms, and geographical territories. 1998 worldwide revenue include embedded and special purpose environments for the first time.

The major contributors to the growth in the serverware market include:

– Downsizing of corporate IT over the past few years has resulted in an increase of serverware because remote offices are not always required to have highly expert support people.

-Increased use of software which allows organizations to build distributed application solutions supported by a web of functions hosted by separate servers.

-As the market evolves, suppliers are moving off general purpose systems onto special purpose intelligent systems called "functional servers", which include application storage, database processing, messaging or Web Servers.

1999 Outlook

– Bulk Data Transfer in embedded operating environments lead those in general purpose operating environments.

-Reliability/Availability/Scalability Software (RASS) becomes more functional.

-Web Server and Distributed File System Software are becoming more important as organizations integrate applications being supported by their distributed systems.

-Distributed directory services (DDS) are increasingly found as the foundation for centralized administration.

-Virtual User Interface software brings back many benefits of host based computing while still providing a graphical interface.

The Enterprise Serverware, 1998 Year in Review bulletin (IDC #B17888) can be purchased by contacting Cheryl Toffel at 800-343-4952 ext. 4389. For additional information about IDC's Web Server Software and Serverware programs, contact Dawn Daggett at 508-935-4108 or at ddaggett@idc.com.

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