Enterprise Users’ IT Spending Shifted from Hardware to Application and Conferencing Solutions – Finding from IDC Japan Unified Communications Enterprise User Survey

TOKYO, June 3, 2011 – Unified Communications (UC) applications and collaborative solution market will continue to grow over the next several years in Japan. International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the results of the Japan Unified Communications Enterprise User Survey. IDC conducts the enterprise user survey every year, which includes research on actual usage conditions of the enterprise users' UC infrastructure and unified applications in the domestic UC market. In the 2010 survey, 820 enterprise companies with ten employees or more were investigated.

The 2010 survey results revealed that user implementation of VoIP systems/services did not differ significantly from the 2009 survey findings, with usage increasing to 55.6% in 2010 compared to 54.4% in 2009. On the other hand, the actual usage rate of unified applications rose greatly compared with the result in 2009. Use of "IP Conferencing Systems," including Voice Conferencing/Web Conferencing/Video Conferencing, gained 8.6 points compared to 2009, growing to 27.8% of corporate use in 2010. Usage rates for UC features such as "Presence Notification/Management", "Unified Messaging" and "Collaborative Solution to Business Application" have been rising continuously since 2008.

The survey also revealed that UC system expenses are expected to accelerate the shift from the UC infrastructure to the application. IDC found that users expected a cost reduction for the infrastructure system, much like the VoIP platform, and user's motivation for UC spending moved toward to "more exclusive and effective business collaboration."

"The common sense of user's information technology spending has changed. Product vendors and system integrators have to change their own strategies for survival in the current market circumstances. It is necessary to develop a solution-oriented proposal and mobile system/social media cooperation that will stimulate business innovation," said Takashi Manabe, UC&C Research Manager, Software & Security Group, IDC Japan.

The IDC report, Japan Unified Communications Enterprise User Survey 2010 (Doc #JP3073901T) analyzes usage trends of unified communications (UC) based on the results of the Enterprise Network Equipment Usage Trend Survey, conducted in August 2010. The report includes a detail analysis of enterprise use trends, applications/features acceptability, and user satisfaction ratings for the Japan Unified Communications market.