Entrepreneurs Close DEMOfall 2005 Conference With Look to Future Thirty-Two Stage Presentations Showcase Significant Emerging Technology Trends

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – SEPTEMBER 21, 2005 – From across the spectrum of the technology landscape, Executive Producer Chris Shipley chose 65 products to launch at the DEMOfall 2005 conference. Considering everything from consumer gadgets to mobile services to enterprise systems, Shipley selected only those products she deemed most likely to affect how people interact with the digital world. Thirty-two of the selected companies launched their products and services onstage today at DEMOfall.

In addition to the product introductions, the DEMOfall stage hosted a discussion of mobile video with Rajeev Chand, Senior Equity Analyst for Rutberg & Co., and Jeff Lorbeck, Senior Vice President and General Manager for QUALCOMM MediaFLO. "We took a close look at one of the most hotly debated issues in mobile computing: mobile video," said Shipley. "Plenty of voices rage about whether and in what form this new media platform will take hold. Rajeev Chand and Jeff Lorbeck have a clear vision for the hockey-stick like adoption of mobile video and the business models and infrastructure required to make that happen."

One main focus of the conference today was on tools that are designed to make your cell phone your foremost computing tool, an initiative that appeals to both consumers and business people. Mobile phones are becoming access devices for enterprise applications, control panels for server-stored files, repositories for digital media, and message and communications managers, as demonstrated by today's onstage product debuts:

— Airena, Inc. — "AirSet" mobile groupware service networks your phone's

contacts, calendar and to-do list applications with the work, family

and friend groups in your life.

— ComVu Media, Inc. — "ComVu Mobile" Webcasting platform operates from

mobile devices or PDAs, turning Smartphones into active broadcasting


— Destinator Technologies, Inc. — "Destinator and Destinator Anywhere

Server" navigation system provides the platform for location-based

consumer applications.

— The SCO Group, Inc. — "Me Inc." is a series of applets that enable

mobile collaboration to be built on top of an organization's existing

business application framework.

— Digital Chocolate, Inc. — "MLSN Sports Picks" is a sports prediction

club where league members compete within a special interest community.

— AIRMEDIA, Inc. — "Aura" mobile application development and delivery

platform enables fast time to market and wide subscriber reach into the

mobile marketplace

Enterprise Data Under Virtual Lock and Key

"DEMOfall wouldn't be a true DEMO event without a look at innovations in enterprise security products designed to keep business operations up 24/7," said Shipley. "In an increasingly edgy regulatory environment and with threats as diverse and sophisticated as there are hackers, security is well worth our consideration and investment."

Security products on display at DEMOfall today included:

— Barracuda Networks, Inc. — The "Barracuda IM Firewall" appliance

eliminates the security risks of instant messaging.

— Kenai Systems, Inc. — "eXamine Enterprise" is an automated system that

tests for vulnerabilities at the Web services level.

— Sana Security — The "Primary Response" system isolates malicious code

based on its behavior, enabling it to respond more quickly to

previously unknown threats.

— ConSentry Networks, Inc. — ConSentrys' "Secure LAN Controller"

authenticates network packet traffic based on user roles, application

behavior, and business logic.

— Eptascape, Inc. — The "EptaCam" networked camera and embedded software

system for video surveillance that monitors behaviors and masks

identities, securely encoding detail for future reference.

Social Media Building Communities

People are social beings and people of all stripes are embracing social networks, online communities and blogs to stay connected. "The rapid growth of social media over the past 12 months will pale in comparison to the activity that is to come in the year ahead," said Shipley. These three products, launched here at DEMOfall, jump-start that action:

— YackPack — The "YackPack" Internet service facilitates communication

among group members, capturing and conveying the expressiveness of

human speech.

— ezboard, Inc. — The "Yuku" collaborative blogging platform shares

advertising and premium content subscription revenues with bloggers and