Hewlett Packard Claims Preliminary Top Spot in Q3 Australian PC Market, Reports IDC

NORTH SYDNEY – NOVEMBER 4, 2002 – Preliminary Q3 2002 Australian PC numbers have been released by IDC. The preliminary results show that the PC market in Australia reached 522,000 units in Q3 2002. This is a 6.2% decrease from Q1 and a 7.5% increase from the same quarter the year before.


Most multinational vendors experienced growth on the same quarter last year. The usual Q3 slump wasn't quite as pronounced as it has been in previous years, said Darian Bird, IDC ANZ Hardware Analyst.

Q2 Market and Vendor Highlights

Hewlett-Packard led the way with 18.9% market share overall, down from 22.5% in Q2 2002. Dell and IBM jostled for second and third position, capturing 11.0% and 9.0% market share respectively. HP's lead wasn't as dominant in Q3, with Dell and IBM trying to find cracks in the newly merged vendor, commented Mr Bird.

HP also led both the desktop market and the Intel server market. The award for most improved certainly goes to Acer, improving its share in the desktop market from 2.5% in Q3 2001 to 7.2% in Q3 2002, capturing third position behind HP and Dell.

Acer has achieved success in the education and government markets, and is quickly edging into the corporate space.

Despite being attacked on all fronts, Toshiba was able to maintain its position as the notebook market leader, accounting for 25.3% of shipments. However, HP, IBM and Dell, second, third and fourth respectively, certainly kept the pressure on in the rapidly growing market, said Darian Bird, IDC ANZ Hardware Analyst.


Positive year-on-year growth is encouraging, however moving forward, the economy and the events in Bali will play a major role in the performance of the PC market. Many businesses are still cautious about IT spending and IT managers are holding off until the last moment to sign the cheques. The corporate market will hold the most promise over the next twelve months as businesses upgrade for the first time since Y2K.

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