IDC Assists Executives and Managers Grappling with the Issues of Partner Strategy and Tactics

NORTH SYDNEY – JUNE 1, 2001 – According to global market intelligence and advisory firm IDC, market life cycles are accelerating and traditional channel strategies are coming under increasing pressure to adapt and deliver. It is an issue that crosses all segments of the IT industry, from PCs to large-scale servers, storage and software. "Shaping one's company channel strategy is more complex now than it has probably ever been" says Joel Martin, IDC's Research Manager. "The tactical decisions vendors make today will determine whether they reach their targets."


To assist executives and managers grappling with the issues of partner strategy and tactics, IDC will host a two-day High Performance Partnering Workshop in Sydney on June 12th and 13th. The workshop, titled "Marketing and Selling Through Channels and Alliances," is a hands-on professional program that guarantees time saving success and real-world expertise learning. Designed for managers responsible for partnering, alliances, channels, and field sales and marketing, it covers concepts and practical application through exercises, group work, and feedback sessions.

Chris Sullivan, IDC's Research Director for Channel and Alliance Strategies research program, who runs the workshop, says channel managers are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with vendors. "This is particularly challenging for several reasons. One is that solution requirements differ from market to market, and change frequently. As a result, managers need to have access to current and detailed information so that they can stay abreast of emerging opportunities."

According to the market researcher, challenges are also inherent to branch operations because relationships with vendors are often global in scope, making it difficult for local managers to establish a partnership that will work at a local level. Branch operation resources for solution relationships tend to be scarce, which makes it difficult for local channel managers to support the full range of partnerships promoted by the parent.

Sullivan's advice to channel managers is that they need to be selective in their choices of solution partners and make sure that they have adequate resources available to support and benefit from the relationships.

IDC's workshop "Marketing and Selling Through Channels and Alliances" will address the following questions:

– How can my company create partnerships that best map to my end-customers needs?

– How do we demonstrate the strategic value of partnering to our executive team?

– How can we align the perspectives of various groups having a vested interest in partnering – such as executives, partner mangers and product managers?

– How do I ensure that our company's marketing strategy is "partner inclusive" when we launch a new product?

– What economic factors should I keep in mind when selecting an appropriate partnering strategy?

– How do I differentiate my company in the myriad of alliances that already exist in the industry?

– How should my channel sales managers allocate time and resources across their respective roster of partners?

– How do I effectively recruit partners that will help expand my business?

– Where does channel conflict occur most often and how can our company minimize its effect?

– What market information is needed to select the right mix of partners?

For more information or to register for this workshop, please call Gianco Melcarne, Marketing Manager at +61-2-9925-2228 or email

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