IDC: Australians no longer want a simple solution – at least not when it comes to software

Sydney, Australia. According to IDC's Australia Software Market Analysis and Forecast, the software market in Australia will grow from A$5.8 billion in 2010 to more than A$9 billion by 2015.

"The appetite for software in Australia is being driven by cloud delivery models and software solution convergence," said Vanessa Thompson, Software Analyst, IDC Australia.

CIOs and IT managers now have a myriad of delivery options; on-premise, private and public clouds. IDC states that the more disparate and distributed existing IT environments are, the more focused IT departments will be on streamlining application delivery. Maintaining mission-critical applications and supporting everyday business processes is now increasingly complex but essential.

"End users just need access to the applications they need to do their job, they don't care how IT make it happen. IT managers need to 'keep the lights on' and following the period of simplification, challenges around integration and middleware are much more visible," says Thompson.

The middleware and integration layers underpinning the application environment are set to remain a critical focus through to 2015. The market in Australia has seen projects to simplify IT environments on both the application and infrastructure side for some time and the last lever to enable a consistent user experience is almost always middleware and integration.

"Future growth for the entire software market for Australia will be headlined by environment management and application integration capabilities, with a 9.0% compound annual growth rate from 2011 through 2015," concludes Thompson.

The IDC Australia Software Market Analysis and Forecast, May 2011, dissects the software market in Australia to identify trends driving growth in specialised software markets and target system capabilities. It is available for purchase here,