IDC Bio IT Research Finds Anti-Cancer & Immune Disease Treatments Enhanced by High Performance Computing

NORTH SYDNEY – AUGUST 28, 2002 – IDC's bio IT research finds Melbourne-based drug discovery company, Cytopia has deployed a high performance Linux Cluster to accelerate their drug discovery research processes in the fields of anti-cancer and immune disease treatments.


IDC believes Cytopias move from the wet lab to state-of the-art in-silico screening, in barely three years, could position the company to make some significant breakthroughs in cancer research and immune disease treatments over the next two-to-three years. Cytopias goal is to undertake a clinical trial in the prostate cancer area in 2003.

Cytopia has discovered extremely potent molecules that kill the prostate cancer line stone dead and is now undertaking studies on animals to prove this in an in vivo context.

Once these animal models prove in vivo what Cytopia has done in vitro, they will move quickly on to clinical trial phase I/II because it will be trialed on terminally ill patients, said Philip Fersht, Director, Bio-IT and Life Sciences Research, IDC Asia/Pacific.

The bioinformatics lab has proved to be absolutely crucial in making this happen so quickly. This high-throughput technology (dubbed Cytopias Chemaphore platform) has given Cytopia the speed, power and efficiency to predict which molecules to make and potentially develop a ground-breaking cure, added Fersht.

Once the molecule has been docked, the score is a measure of the best fit level of binding. ADME-Tox refers to the in vivo behaviour of a molecule taking into account its absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity.

For information about IDCs Asia/Pacific Bio-IT Infrastructure research, please contact Kristina McCorry (Australia) on +612-9925-2241 or IDCs bulletin (#AP28-C21-0902-05) entitled,Cytopia's Chemaphore Platform deploys IBM-Powered Linux Cluster to Advance Cancer and Immune Disease Research is published in this research service.

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