IDC Covers xSPs from All Angles of the IT Market

FRAMINGHAM, MA – MAY 7, 2001- The xSP market is on a growth fast track. IDC estimates revenues will accelerate from $115 billion today to at least $400 billion in 2004. To help its customers seize this growing opportunity, IDC has launched a Global xSP Special Interest Group (SIG) and a new research program that will provide continuous analysis of this new delivery model and its impact on the IT industry.


"Widespread interest in xSPs is erupting as the telecommunications industry, the IT industry, and the services industry converge on the opportunity to deliver an expanding list of network-delivered services," said Clare Gillan, IDC’s group vice president of New Business Initiatives and xSP SIG chair. "To help our customers optimize their approach to this fast-growing market, we believe it’s important to compare and contrast the challenges and opportunities various types of xSPs are likely to encounter."

The xSP model – services are delivered over the network to many customers at one time, externally managed, and paid for on a service-fee basis – has broad implications for all segments of the IT industry. Recognizing this, IDC organized the SIG, assembling a diverse team of industry experts representing all segments of the IT market, including Gillan and the following IDC executives:

· Dennis Byron, Vice President, Enterprise Applications Research

· Lee Doyle, Group Vice President, Network Infrastructure Research

· John Gantz, Chief Research Officer

· Traci Gere, Group Vice President, Services Research

· Debra Goldfarb, Group Vice President, Systems Research

· Laurie Seymour, xSP Research Manager

· Rick Villars, Vice President, Internet and eBusiness Research

· Mark Winther, Group Vice President, Worldwide Telecom Research

A global xSP SIG has also been established with active representation in each of the regions:

· Richard Brewer, Program Director, Infrastructure Services – Japan

· Liesbeth Ruoff, Group Vice President, European Services – Europe

· Puni Rajah, Vice President, Consulting – Asia/Pacific

· Monique Gibelli, Program Director, IT Research and Consulting

· Lars Goransson, Vice President, Services Research – Canada

IDC’s xSP program will provide a holistic view of the market, including analyzing market drivers, market inhibitors, migration issues, and market trends across segments. Laurie Seymour will manage the program.

"IDC will analyze aspects of the xSP market in great depth in over 50 of our research programs," Seymour said. "The xSP program will provide a big picture view of the market and examine it in its entirety, comparing trends across segments, and covering the common issues that every xSP faces. We expect this program to be of great interest to not only the xSPs but especially to suppliers of technology or services who view xSPs as prospective customers or partners."

As part of its eWorld 2001 research project, IDC surveyed thousands of IT and business executives as well as business and consumer Internet users in more than 27 countries worldwide and asked them about their current use, planned use, and reasons for using externally managed services. IDC’s xSP research program will publish results from the survey relating to xSP adoption among U.S. organizations.

The first report from IDC’s xSP research program is titled IDC's xSP Taxonomy: Putting "x" Service Provider Opportunities in Perspective (IDC #B24024). The report presents IDC's xSP taxonomy and reviews opportunities and challenges xSPs and their partners will encounter in each of the following areas: IT services, communications, software, systems, and Internet and ebusiness. This 35+ page report also presents definitions and visuals explaining different categories of xSPs. It is available at for a special offer price of $99. A second report, ASPs, ISPs, …xSPs: Where Will It All Lead? (IDC #B24469) is also available.

For more information on IDC’s xSP research program, please contact Demetrios Louloudes at 508-935-4356 or

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