IDC Creates New eRecruiting Market Segmentation Based on Recruiting Continuum

FRAMINGHAM, MA — OCTOBER 17, 2000 — IDC has created the first U.S. erecruiting market segmentation based on the stages of the recruiting continuum. By examining companies based on their multiple service offerings, IDC has created a tool to determine both erecruiting solutions providers’ true competitors and possible partners.


While online recruitment advertising will continue to drive growth of the U.S. erecruiting market for the next few years, solutions that address multiple stages of the recruiting continuum will accelerate market growth. According to IDC, the U.S. market will generate $4.6 billion in 2004 and create ample opportunities for those who offer erecruiting solutions.

Today, erecruiting solutions address the stages prior to an interview in an attempt to reduce time from job postings to face-to-face meetings with job seekers and to improve the overall quality of candidates. However, because the market is becoming increasingly crowded, IDC believes leaders in the erecruiting space will be those who address all areas of the recruiting process — from preparing a posting to developing an offer.

"eRecruiting solutions providers should seek strategic partnerships with stage-specific, best-of-breed players so that they are positioned to offer strong, end-to-end solutions," said Christopher Boone, an analyst with IDC’s eRecruiting research program. End-to-end solutions will soon explode as they provide an umbrella solution for recruiting campaigns. IDC believes these solutions have a leg up on job boards for two fundamental reasons: They provide adaptive processes that can be continuously improved, and they provide analytics that can increase visibility at the executive level.

Additionally, IDC believes it will be important to integrate erecruiting solutions with a company's career development plan. "Recruiting is only the beginning of the relationship with a new hire," Boone said. "Retention of human capital through training and career development has created opportunities for erecruiting vendors to expand their service offerings and partnerships."

IDC’s erecruiting market segmentation based on the recruiting continuum can be found in its new report, An Overview of the U.S. eRecruiting Market (IDC #B23118). In addition, this document presents IDC’s vision on the future of this market and provides a market forecast through 2004. To purchase the report, contact Jim Nagle at 1-800-343-4952 at extension 4549 or at IDC’s examination of the challenges and opportunities for end-to-end recruiting solutions can be found in the recently published document, Job Boards Take Notice: End-to-End Recruiting Solutions Rule (IDC #B23121). To obtain a free copy, visit

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