IDC Introduces Innovative Tool to Enable Strategic Decisions Around Server Migration, Consolidation, and the Cloud – Qualified Performance Indicator (QPI) 

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 1, 2011 – International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced a unique data set and tool that empowers IT managers to assess the performance quotient of an installed base of servers within a datacenter and compare that with alternative solutions using a common set of performance metrics. One of the core outputs of this data is called the IDC Qualified Performance Indicator, or QPI, which provides a server's relative performance versus other servers.

End users, value added resellers (VARs), IT services companies, and server vendors are challenged in today's economy to develop and deploy new technology to keep up with the increasing and unexpected demands of new applications that can stress a company's processing potential. Over the next several years, datacenter managers will migrate and consolidate their infrastructures, as well as incorporate some level of cloud services throughout their IT support infrastructure. Choosing the right servers or mix between physical, virtualized, and cloud servers can be complicated.

"With its new Server Decision Suite and QPI metrics, IDC can assist various parties to compare and analyze server technologies and associated services," said Brian Clarke, vice president, Pricing Evaluation Services. "This includes an extensive product database containing a wide range of pricing, feature, environmental, and performance information, for over 20,000 server configurations spanning the last 15 years."

IDC created a system performance methodology that combines system configurations and industry-recognized benchmark results into a model of relative and normalized server performance indicators. This tool, named the QPI-Engine™, uses hardware characteristics, such as server architectures, processor chips, cores and main memory, as well as results from selected standard benchmarks to generate Qualified Performance Indicators (QPI) for current and legacy servers from major system vendors.

Our methodology can be leveraged by IT buyers, IT vendors, and business partners to make more informed decisions, and to help justify data center consolidation, virtualization, and outsourcing. In addition, IDC's QPI metric can be used in pricing algorithms for cloud services, internal IT consumption charge back mechanisms, and vendor-to-vendor comparisons for server acquisition decisions.

IDC is leveraging its IT Advisory services and IDC Insight companies, both focused on end-user IT adoption and acquisition, to educate users and vendors alike on how a powerful tool like this can help simplify complicated data center decisions. In addition, IDC has signed several partnership agreements, allowing for the use and distribution of QPI, with firms focused on capacity planning and performance measurement in order to help IT buyers manage costs and improve the performance of their systems infrastructure.

For more information about the IDC Qualified Performance Indicator, click here.